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The North Is Set To See Further Construction Growth

Manchester has recently been ranked as the second largest growing economy in the UK behind London and is quickly becoming the UK’s construction hotspot

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5 Construction Technologies of the future

We thought it would be interesting to take this one step further and take a look at the 5 most…

Author: Daniel Stargatt

25 May 2016

Planning approved for Salford Tallest Building

It has been announced that Salford Council has approved plans to build a residential tower at Exchange Court, which will…

Author: Daniel Stargatt

18 May 2016

20 year high for Office Construction in London

According to a survey released by Deloitte there have been 51 new buildings started over the last 6 months, which…

Author: Daniel Stargatt

11 May 2016

United Utilities and Severn Trent Approved for Joint Venture

This week it was announced that United Utilities and Severn Trent, two of Britain’s largest utility companies, have been given…

Author: Daniel Stargatt

04 May 2016

Barcelona Set for 4 Year Stadium Transformation

Check out the incredible video showing you each stage of construction on the Nou Camp and what the finished stadium…

Author: Daniel Stargatt

27 April 2016

How Do I Progress From A Planner To A Planning Manager Role?

We thought it would be helpful to take a look at what employers look for when you are trying to…

Author: Daniel Stargatt

20 April 2016

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