We became members of APSCo in March 2010 as part of our ongoing commitment to providing an exceptional service to our customers.

What is APSCo?

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) is a professional body that represents the interests of organisations engaged in the acquisition of business professionals. APSCo provides a powerful unified voice for the Professional Staffing Industry and is proud to represent, support and promote such a vibrant and innovative sector of the recruitment industry.

What Does this Mean for Us?

As an APSCo member we have pledged ourselves to a set of guidelines governing professional practice. We are held accountable to these by APSCo and would lose our accreditation should we be found to be in breach of these. This means that whether you are an employer looking to take on staff through us or a job seeker entrusting us to represent you and your interests you can rely on us to act in accordance with the APSCo's standards.

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