BAM Set For Leeds Office Redevelopment

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BAM Set For Leeds Office Redevelopment

BAM Construction has been chosen to take on the refurbishment of a 1960s office building in North Leeds, which is worth in the region of £41m.

The refurbishment of the 10-storey Merrion House, which was previously occupied by Leeds City Council will involve a very complex remodeling of the building and BAM will be responsible or the fitting out of the building.

BAM Set For Leeds Office Redevelopment

The project will also see over seven and eight storeys of new build in fron of the existing building to help increase the overall capacity, but due to the set up of the current building, will make this project a logistical challenge.

The first phase will see the stripping down of the pre-cast panels to allow the building to be re-cladded with glass. This will help bring this building into the modern world and will also be aesthetically pleasing to onlookers.

There isn’t a strict date set for construction work to begin but work is set to be completed by the end of 2017. 

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