Will London See The First Wooden Skyscraper?

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Will London See The First Wooden Skyscraper?

It is thought that plans for a wooden skyscraper in London have been shown to Boris Johnson, which would be a first for the city.

The plan is to build an 80-storey structure in the Barbican area, which would be 66-storeys higher than the current tallest wooden structure based in Bergen, Norway.

The design has been created by PLP Architecture and Cambridge University’s Department of Architecture and would offer 1,000 residential units.

There has been concern over the use of timber on such a tall structure, however engineers have shown that wood is an amazing material to build with and techniques, such as Modern cross-laminated-timber, where thin sheets of wood are stuck together can offer high strength. It is also highly versatile and more importantly sustainable.

This could be very exciting for construction, but it remains to be seen if the concept will be firstly approved by Boris Johnson and secondly gain planning permission.

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