20 Year High For Office Construction In London

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20 Year High For Office Construction In London

According to a survey released by Deloitte there have been 51 new buildings started over the last 6 months, which is the highest number since the survey began 20 years ago. 

It is thought that the recent office construction activity has increased space by almost double in London, from 7.7m sq ft to 14m sq ft.

20 Year High For Office Construction In London

This is exciting news for construction in London and a sign that there is a huge demand for new and existing businesses to stay or move to the capital, offering more opportunity not just for construction professionals in and around London but other professions in other industries as well.

It was thoughts that due to the up coming referendum that construction would slow, but this news is proof that it hasn’t. However, it is thought that starts on speculative projects could slow if the EU referendum produces a vote to leave.

This news has come shortly after similar news back in January for Birmingham, as the city experienced a 13 year high for office construction. So it's not just the capital that is experienceing this type of growth. 

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