How Do I Progress From A Planner To A Planning Manager Role?

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We thought it would be helpful to take a look at what employers look for when you are trying to make the step up from a Planner role to a Planning Manager role.

Although every employer has slightly different requirements, there are certain skills and experiences that are essential to make the next step in your career in becoming a Planning Manager.


What Qualifications and training are required?

Qualifications are highly desirable in making the next step as this will not only make you an attractive prospect for the employer, as you will have a theoretical understanding of the planning process, but it will get you ahead of other candidates competing for the same role.

Ideally you would hold a full BSc degree in Construction Management or Civil Engineering. It would also be beneficial but not essential if you were a member of the Chartered Institute of Building (MCIOB).

As a bare minimum you would require a HNC or HNC in a relevant subject, such as Building or Civil Engineering, as well as solid industry experience and knowledge.

How many years of experience are required?

Most employers would require that you have 8 to 10 years planning experience as a minimum. However industry averages suggest that most Planners who have made the move to a Planning Manager role have on average 12+ years’ experience.

Don’t let this put you off though, as in today’s market many employers are keen to progress employees quickly through their careers, due to the current skills shortage the construction industry is experiencing. Plus, if you tick all the other boxes, 8 years could quite easily be enough.

What managerial experience is required?

Having experience of managing a team is really important in your quest to move up to a Planning Manager role, as managing people would be a big part of your role as Planning Manager.

In an ideal world you would have previous experience of managing 2-3 Planners at varying levels of Planners, including Planners or Assistant Planners. This does all depend on what company you are looking to make the step up to Planning Manager in, as experience of managing just one team member could be all that is required.

What software experience is required?

Although software knowledge varies from employer to employer and sector to sector it would be essential that you have good experience of working with ASTA Powerprojects and/or Primavera.

It would also be very beneficial to have BIM experience due to the technological advances that Construction industry has experienced. Although this is not essential it would definitely put you ahead of your competition for the Planning Manager role.

What type of personality and skills are required?

Obviously every employer has different values they look for in their employees and this is down to what type of culture they are trying to create or have already within their team and business.  

The key skills most Planning Managers have and most employers’ look for are methodical, strong team leader, effective communicator, numerical, analytical and commercially aware. These skills are crucial in being successful as a Planning Manager, as you will have to effectively lead a team through the planning process, as well as understand how the project will be profitable and efficient.

What sector knowledge do you need?

Although we have seen Planners and Planning Managers move from one sector to another, if you are trying to make the step up to Planning Manager it would make it a lot easier if you were looking to stay in the same sector.

Employers would be far more enthusiastic to employ someone who is an expert in their field/sector, so don’t give yourself too much to deal with when looking to progress in your career.

So, we hope this has answered all or at least some of your questions. Remember, employers want driven, ambitious and enthusiastic employees in their teams and businesses, so make sure that when you are looking to make the move this comes across in your application and interview.

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