How To Know If A Company Is The Right Fit For You

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We spend more time at work than we do anywhere else and we spend more time with our colleague than we do with our family, so being in the right company is crucial.

There are many deciding factors between accepting or declining a job offer, so we thought we would try and help you by listing some of the key factors to consider.


1) Size - Would you prefer to work for a larger or smaller company? 

A smaller company will allow you to have closer access to the managers and owners and more hands on learning on the job but due to the size there might not be much chance to move further up with in the company. This could be ideal for you if you’re starting off in your career.

A large company or international corporation could be better for you if you are more experienced and you wish to work in or even lead a larger team.

It is beneficial to do this research before applying for jobs, you can do this by looking on a company’s website or LinkedIn profile, but remember size isn’t everything and you may go to an interview/trial day and absolutely love a company that you first thought was either too big or too small.

2) Location – How far are you willing to commute to work?  

Nobody wants to spend hours travelling to and from work, so working somewhere that you’re happy travelling to every day is key.Spending hours commuting to work each day can often make you start to resent work and you will become extremely tired, which can have an impact on your output. 

These long commutes can also start to affect home life especially if you have a family, plus it can also be expensive. So before you even apply for a job make sure you have done your homework and you know exactly how long it will take you to travel to and from work.

3) Social Media – What type of culture are you looking for? 

When searching for a new job it is important to know what type of company culture you’re looking for, do you want a company that is very work hard, play hard or do you want to crack on with your job and not get overly involved with regular social work events?

Social media is usually a great way of finding out what the atmosphere of the company is like during and after work hours. By using social media you can find out whether this is the right culture fit for you or not.

4) Reviews – Do you know what current and ex-employees are saying?

Checking sites like to see what employees are saying about working for the company is usually a good guideline of what the company is like to work for. If there aren’t many reviews then it’s usually a good sign and obviously the good reviews speak for themselves.

Do you know anyone who has worked with or for the company? If so, speak to them and see what they have to say. Get as much insight as possible.

5. Do you trust your gut feeling?

If you feel uneasy about the job or the people you'd be working with, don't ignore that feeling. Unless your gut has a history of overreacting, it's worth paying attention when the little voice inside you is screaming, "Don't take this job!"

6. Recruitment Agencies - How can a recruitment company help with finding the perfect company?

There are many benefits to using a good recruitment business. The main one is the knowledge they can offer about companies within the industry they supply, which helps to whittle down the companies that aren’t right for you.

Any Recruitment Consultant worth their salt will make sure they know you and they know what you want, which makes the whole looking for a job process a lot smoother and offer you a much better end result.

Now put all this together, weigh up what you found whilst researching, what you might have heard from present and past employees and what you learned during the interview and then make that all important decision.

If you are happy in your job and the company you work for then your working day, week and year will become a whole lot more enjoyable and productive, so make sure you make the right decision based on facts and not chance.

If you need any help finding a new construction job then get in touch with one of our team today and we can help you find the perfect role and company for you.

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