Why Companies Shouldn’t Be Reluctant To Hire Freelance Staff

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Hiring freelancers in construction

If you are in a position to hire and have dismissed the possibility of hiring freelance staff, then please just take a few minutes to read this article, it really could change your thinking and outlook on building a successful team.

It still amazes us how dismissive some managers and companies are about hiring freelance staff into their business, even during the current skills crisis that the UK construction industry is experiencing.  We’re really not making this up, there really is a skills shortage and it really has become even harder to find you your perfect candidate. 

Hiring freelancers in construction

Speaking to consultants at Project Resource, they are saying that some managers are having to wait months to find a permanent member of staff and even then they aren’t getting their ‘perfect’ candidate, as they have had to change their expectations on what the ‘perfect’ candidate actually looks like.

We’re not saying that you should consider freelance staff over permanent hires.  However, if the permanent candidate you have in mind isn’t currently available, it makes financial and business sense to consider a freelance option.

Here are some key points on why hiring a freelance member of staff will benefit you and your business:

Get on with the job at hand

As we said above, some managers are waiting for months to find a permanent member of staff. During this time project work slows and no doubt clients get annoyed, so why wait when you have a great freelance candidate with the exact skills, experience and qualifications you are looking for waiting to get started and hit the ground running? 


The general concern for most managers is that a freelancer will stay for a few months and then move to a different company, leaving a huge gap in their team. This just isn’t the case.

Ask yourself this, if you as a business are offering a competitive rate and contract security, why would a freelance employee want to move to a competitor? They won’t, they will stay and be a productive member of your team and an asset to your business.


You also have the option to quickly move them out of the business if work slows up or you don’t win the project you thought you would. On average a freelancer has a one week notice period compared to the average one month for a permanent member of the team. Plus you can’t just let a permanent staff member go when you feel like it, there is a process and probably a redundancy package that would need to be agreed.


You may be surprised but hiring a freelance member of staff can work out cheaper, based on the fact that you only pay them a day rate and don’t have to pay fully loaded employment costs including, employment tax, pension, additional fees and the obvious upfront fee.


Hiring in freelance members of the team who have worked on multiple projects and with multiple businesses can often help you validate your processes and ideas and can also help make your teams more effective and efficient on a day-to-day basis.  


Some of the best candidates we have worked with have been freelance, as they have had masses of experience with different projects and businesses and have learned what works and what doesn’t from multiple teams, managers and clients, which is very advantageous for any business.

What next?

We hope this article was helpful and has offered some good insight into why hiring freelancers is beneficial. If you would like ot discuss this in more detail then please do get in touch with us as we are here to help you. 

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