All I Want For Christmas Is A New Job

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All I Want For Christmas Is A New Job

Have you heard about the Christmas hiring myth? If not then let me tell you a little story. It is about now that every recruitment agency starts actively promoting December as being one of the best times of the year to start searching for a new job, why? Because it is in fact true.

Most people call it the hiring myth because the perception is that all Hiring Managers, HR teams and businesses in general start winding down the hiring process ready for the festive break, but this just isn’t the case. If a job vacancy is open, it needs to be filled and just because it’s December it really doesn’t matter, companies will want to hear from you.   

On top of this, by waiting until the New Year will only narrow your chances of getting that perfect job, due to increased competition from other candidates applying in the January hiring frenzy. Also consider that construction projects slow during the lead up and over the festive period, therefore Hiring Managers will have more time to meet and interview, meaning less of a wait for you to get in front of the decision makers. Elliot Goulding, Business Manager commented: “In the North of England we still have a skills shortage, good candidates are in demand and managers are actively planning the staff they need for their 2017 projects. 

To give you an example, I’ve just come from a meeting with a top 10 contractor who has a major site starting first half of the new year who has booked in 4 interviews for 2 positions with a view to offering the position before Xmas.”

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