How Is The Skills Shortage Impacting Construction Companies?

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How Is The Skills Shortage Impacting Construction Companies?

In a recent survey released by Build UK, around 25% of contractors across the UK aren’t able to bid for work due to a lack of white collar professionals available to them.

It isn’t a secret that there is a skills shortage within the construction industry, but this is the real first sign that the issue is starting to really impact businesses.

How Is The Skills Shortage Impacting Construction Companies?

The survey shows that the reason for the difficulty in filling vacancies are down to a lack of skills, lack of experience and a lack of qualifications.

So how can the construction industry and businesses overcome this issue?

There are many solutions that are more long-term fixes, such as, more comprehensive grad schemes or even for some companies actually starting a grad scheme. Also, looking at how you develop your employees to speed up career progression, which allows them to gain the important skills and knowledge needed to deliver projects on time and within budget.    

Obviously these solutions aren’t immediate, so how can you get talent on board sooner? Well, we recently wrote an article on how a lot of companies don’t even consider freelance professionals when they have a vacancy available.

Another solution is to speak to us. Honestly, we are specialists in finding you the right talent to join your business and with an ever-widening skills gap having a recruitment partner you trust will be crucial when trying to find that needle in a haystack.

Bill Wynn, Director at Project Resource said, “Those companies that are open to hiring permanent or freelance professionals will be those that succeed in the war for talent.  It is imperative for companies serious about growing that they get the best talent available.  They should be working closely with recruitment partners to talent pool in advance of hiring demand, so as talent is needed, that talent has already been pre-qualified and is a great match.  There are pro’s and con’s of both permanent and freelance hires, the most successful hiring managers understand this, embrace this, and that’s why they are ahead of their competitors.

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