What Are The Benefits Of Moving To A New Company

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What Are The Benefits Of Moving To A New Company

Not that we’re trying to promote leaving your current employer, as loyalty is key to a long and healthy career, however there is sometimes a need to move on to further your career, get that pay rise you deserve or even just to spark your enthusiasm. 

We have seen so many cases where talented construction professionals have hit the so-called ‘glass ceiling’ and feel under valued and trapped, but our first piece of advice is to make sure you speak to your manager. It's funny what actually talking about issues or concerns can do to help situations. 

What Are The Benefits Of Moving To A New Company

The worst thing you can do is get an offer on a new job, hand your notice in, only to find that your current employer is willing to match the new offer and by doing that you have damaged your reputation with a potential employer and created mistrust with your current employer. This is not a positive and constructive outcome for you and your career, trust us, we have seen this first hand on so many occasions.

If you feel you have jumped through all the necessary hoops to try and get a promotion or even just to get an increase in pay and it has fallen on deaf ears, then maybe it’s time to think about looking at other options, and by that we mean seriously looking at other employers and opportunities. 

There are many benefits of moving employers, as well as just increase in pay, which we have listed below:

Fresh Start

It’s surprising what starting with a new company, new colleagues and a new culture can do for your drive, ambition and enthusiasm. You may have felt that the period leading up to the move to a new employer was draining, as you lost that spark for your job, well this will inject that spark back and allow you to carry on progressing your career.

Broaden Your Horizons

Moving to a new employer will often allow you to develop your skills and knowledge, as well as experience new situations, projects, clients and processes, which can only be a positive in your personal development.

Job Satisfaction

Similar to the first point, it’s normal for most employees to feel stale and demotivated towards the end of their employment with their previous employer, so this change will help build up your love for your profession and industry again and inspire you to go on and achieve what you want.

Promotion Opportunities

Candidates who make the job move tend to make the move upwards, meaning you will fast track a promotion, but don’t take this that you can move every year and expect a promotion, be realistic and use common sense when deciding on moving or staying.

Increase in Salary and Package

Depending on the company, 99% of the time you would likely see an increase in pay, so even if you don’t get that promotion you will still see the benefits of more money in your pocket every month.

No doubt there are more benefits that are unique to certain situations and different benefits are more important than others, but these are the most frequent benefits that we come across when helping candidates change jobs. 

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