Why Do In-House Recruitment Teams Benefit From Collaborative Relationships?

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As we’re sure you already know, we are in the middle of a skills crisis, meaning talent is getting harder and harder to find. So we thought we would take a look into how in-house recruitment teams can truly benefit from strong collaborative relationships with Recruitment agencies.

Traditionally companies have favored the PSL approach to managing relationships with Recruitment Agencies, however this setup often leads to a very transactional relationship and one that is measured by metrics and how quick can someone get a CV sent over. This isn’t sustainable and certainly isn’t a long-term approach to finding talent to join your business.


It’s often forgotten that Recruitment agencies are specialists in finding talent, so taking a more strategic and shared approach will allow for better planning and innovative sourcing of the right person to join your team.

So what are the benefits?

Below are the main areas that we feel a more strategic partnership with an agency will truly add value to your business:

1) Increased Brand Exposure

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one and in this case it really couldn’t be truer.

Having a two-way working relationship with a Recruitment Agency, offers a complete understanding of your brand, culture and values. The agency would be an extension of your business and ultimately leading to the agency having a far more in-depth knowledge of your company, giving a greater ability to sell your company and opportunities.  In this current economy being able to sell opportunities to candidates is imperative.

2) Be More Strategic

A recruitment agency doesn’t just have a database of candidates and tools to search for new candidates; they also have in-depth knowledge and experience of vital information that will help lure talent to your business.

This includes knowledge on remuneration trends, what your competitors are offering and what is appealing to candidates in the market. Agencies know how to approach talent who aren’t necessarily looking to move, which again in this current climate is vital in talent attraction. Essentially the recruitment agency will become your eyes and ears in the market.

3) Improved Recruitment Process

On so many occasions we have seen top talent interviewed by employers only to find that after the interview, the candidate has come out feeling underwhelmed by the opportunity due to the interviewer not selling the role and company.

The candidates are solely in the driving seat currently, so it is key that you can effectively interview but also effectively sell your company and the opportunity to them.

This is where a more collaborative relationship can help, Recruitment Agencies can advise on what the candidate wants to know and how best to sell the opportunity.

4) Less Reactive

Having a more collaborative approach with Recruitment Agencies will lead to a more trusting and productive relationship. If you’re pulling in the same direction, communicate regularly and consider them an extension of your business, finding the right talent will become far more efficient, effective and more importantly cost efficient for you.

So, next time you speak to a Recruitment Agency keep this in mind and be more open to having a genuine two way partnership. Take the time to meet face to face. Recruitment and hiring is a people led process and to make it as productive and successful as possible, people have to work well with people and value each other in equal measures.

If you have anything you wish to discuss don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we are here to help you and your business succeed.

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