Key Signs You Are Ready For A Management Role

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Key Signs You Are Ready For A Management Role

Managing people or a team is usually considered a natural career step once you have experience and knowledge of the construction industry, but it is a step that a lot of candidates are nervous of taking or even unsure if they are suitable for. This uncertainty often puts candidates off from applying for jobs that are at this particular level.

Obviously there will be certain requirements around years of industry experience and qualifications that employers want for a management level role, but we thought that we would discuss the five key signs that suggest that you are ready to take that leap into a management position:

Key Signs You Are Ready For A Management Role

Sign 1: You help and enjoy training and coaching others

This isn’t just a sign that you’re ready but a great skill for any manager to have. If you are able to train team members around you, do it well and on top of this enjoy doing it then moving into a more managerial role is definitely right for you. Plus you would get paid more to do it, which is always a positive.

Sign 2: Looking at the bigger picture

Do you often take time out of your day to step back and take stock of business performance, future opportunities for your business and how you are going to meet business objectives? If you do then you are thinking like a manager. This is an important element of a manager’s job, as most managers will have strategic input into how the business will achieve core business objectives.

If you don’t do this then maybe take some time to consider this point and start getting yourself in that frame of mind.

Sign 3: Leading by example and from the front

Do you find yourself excelling in everything you do? Does your work ethic, attention to detail and output always stand out from the crowd? If so then this is another important trait of a manager. Leading by example is key when driving team performance and inspiring others through your work. Enthusiasm, drive and passion for your job are the best ways to lead a team successfully.  

Sign 4: You are a good relationship builder

The ability to communicate and build rapport with people at all levels is a very favourable skill and a crucial skill for a manager. Be it a graduate, director or a client, if you can communicate effectively and build strong trusting relationships at all levels, then you really have the ability to move into a manager role and make a difference. 

Sign 5: Ability to stay calm and make logical decisions

Problem solving and decision making is a very good skill to have and to do it well and in a calm and quick manner is even better. The ability to efficiently solve difficult situations and problems is a regular occurrence on site, but in a management position it’s not just solving construction and technical problems, it will also include staffing issues and situations. If this is something that you feel capable of or even have examples to show you have experience in then you have a much stronger case to take the step into management.

Next step for you

If you have read this and feel that you relate to all or the majority of these signs then you really could be ready for the next step in your career.

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