Top 10: Traits Of The Successful Recruitment Consultant

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Recruitment Consultant top traits

Here I give my thoughts on the personality attributes that I believe make the difference, and skills that a truly good recruiter must have to succeed regardless of the industries and professions they specialise. Being a successful recruitment consultant is down to many personality attributes, as well as the company worked for and the industries’ and professions supplied. 

These are in no particular order, the attributes a good recruiter is likely to have:  

Recruitment Consultant top traits


Being charismatic is a great attribute to have and it is very attractive. It shows a sense of leadership and understanding.


This shows you are persistent and intent on getting things done which good in the work place environment.


Being professional shows that you take your career and jobs seriously and when you are in work you are serious and dedicated.


Being determined also shows that you are self-motivated and want to get things done and you want them done well. It also shows that you want to lead and that you are very serious about your role.


Being dedicated shows a sense of pride and determination in your jobs and your role. It proves you want to be doing what you are doing and you care about it, usually making your results a lot better.

Passionate about their job, the people they help.

Passion allows you to be more than you think you can. It drives you to push limits (limits which you often create for yourself) and it gives you the opportunity to inspire, all great attributes to have and very attractive for someone in an office and team role.


Intelligence doesn’t always involve what qualifications you have but, how much learnt this can be about anything for example your jobs and you can show this intelligence through great work and dedication to the role.


Being efficient proves that you are reliable and that people can trust you. Whether you are efficient with tasks you’ve been ask to do or your on task it shows you can get things done and to a good standard.


Being articulate shows that you are confident and able to voice your opinions and be able to make people aware of your feelings and views on a situation.

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