How Long Is Too Long For A Commute To Work?

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How Long Is Too Long For A Commute To Work?

One of the most important considerations when searching for a job or even when you’re considering your current job is ‘is the commute too long?’ This is an important question and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly, as commute times is a major factor in getting your work life balance right, your job satisfaction right and making sure it is also affordable. 

Statistics show that the average commute time for a UK worker is 1 hour and 38 minutes and the average cost per month is £160. With the average mortgage reported at £772 per month, this means the average worker in the UK is paying the equivalent of 21 percent of their mortgage to commute to work. 

How Long Is Too Long For A Commute To Work?

This begs the question ‘does higher pay make up for longer commutes?’ Based on the loss of personal wellbeing that is associated with longer commutes, reports have shown that higher salaries don’t always fully compensate for personal loss, such as time and wellbeing. 

We know that that there is no getting around longer commutes in some areas of the UK and we also appreciate that a large number of workers have chosen to move outside of major cities and into more rural areas for lifestyle choices and cheaper living costs. However, making sure that your commute is manageable is still key to a successful work life balance and wellbeing.   

Spending some time looking at forums which discuss commute times, it is apparent that for some people anything over an hour is just unimaginable and we’re sure that given the option the majority of workers would jump at the chance at cutting commute times, would you?  

So what are the benefits or a shorter commute?

There are many benefits for a shorter commute to work and below we have listed what we believe are key benefits:

More social and family time

We appreciate this is an obvious point but one that is hugely important to consider. Less time commuting to work will leave you with more time to spend with friends, family and doing the things outside of work you want to do like going to the gym. This has a huge psychological benefit and can really help you with feeling less stressed and increased life satisfaction. A report in The Telegraph suggested that on average a worker will commute 10,634 hours across their career, which is a whopping 443 days.

Cheaper travelling costs 

The closer you are to work the less you have to pay to get to work, meaning there is more money in your pocket at the end of the month to save for that holiday, weekend away or the home improvements you have been wanting to do for a while. A report in The Telegraph suggested that a career long commute can set a worker back an average of £50,000, which is quite staggering.

Increased health and wellbeing 

A shorter commute can also have huge health benefits. Less time stuck in traffic or squashed up against a fellow commuter has proven to help with increased energy levels, decreased stressed levels and lower blood pressure. It has also been suggested that longer commutes can cause increased anxiety and cause your sleep to suffer.

Performance at work

Long and sometimes stressful commutes can have a big impact on your performance at work and job resentment. Due to sometimes the commute not being in your hands due to factors like delays on trains and traffic on the roads, can lead to increased lateness and a lack of concentration when doing your job, which is obviously not positive.

What next?

If you are considering your job options and want to reduce your commute time then get in touch with us today! 

At Project Resource we have an unrivalled choice of career opportunities UK wide and combined with the ability to build a local, bespoke work search for you, we believe we can help you get the work life balance you may want and need.

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