Tips On How To Get Over Job Searching Fears

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Tips On How To Get Over Job Searching Fears

Moving companies can feel like a daunting task and can stop people from actually applying for jobs that look exciting or even the ‘dream job’.

We appreciate that there can be emotional walls that need to be broken down before actually searching or applying for jobs, such as loyalty, lack of confidence and fear of change, so we wanted to discuss these in more detail to help you get into the  right frame of mind when applying for a new job.  

Tips On How To Get Over Job Searching Fears

Loyalty to your business

As we all know loyalty is important for any employee to have and is very attractive to perspective employers. However, it can also be a big factor in stopping people from not just moving companies but from also applying for new jobs.

We appreciate that the idea of moving companies can look disloyal to your current company, but if you feel like you can’t progress any further both in the sense of experience and financially then you have to look at other options.

Staying in the same company that isn’t offering you the opportunity to progress and develop could harm your career, passion and enthusiasm and could make it even more difficult in the future to make your next career move.

Fear of handing in your notice

It’s surprising how many candidates we speak to who mention this as a major concern during their job search. Telling the boss that you want to leave can seem like a really daunting thing to do, as you don’t know how they will react, but more often than not you will come out of the meeting thinking why was I worried. 

We also have some tips on how to make it easier. Firstly we always recommend you write down the reasons why you want to leave, just doing it without any prep can often lead to a less concise explanation and a longer conversation than you wanted. Secondly, don’t be negative; you still want to leave with a good reference and reputation. Lastly be prepared for the counter offer, don’t be naïve and think it won’t happen.

Unsure of what you want

This is a factor that really needs looking at before you start your job search. Knowing what you want to do, what type of company and the sector is key in making your job search more efficient and focused.

We’re not saying don’t look if you don’t know what you want, we’re just saying that if you know what you want then the end result will be the right one for you. Also remember you can speak to us, as we are experts in helping people make the right move for them and we can give you options and advice.

Fear of change

This may not be a factor for everyone, but if it is then don’t be scared to come out of your comfort zone. Change is good and if you are asking questions about your current situation then change is probably necessary to develop and progress your career.

Lack of confidence in your ability

This is a factor that can really stop people from applying for jobs. Do you find yourself looking at the requirements and job descriptions on job adverts and saying to yourself ‘I don’t know if I can do that’ even though you already are in your current job? Well you’re not alone.

If you do lack that confidence in your ability then we suggest writing down all your strengths, duties and achievements, this can really help with knowing what you can offer and you’ll be surprised how much knowledge and skills you have to offer employers. 

We also suggest you speak to us, having a recruitment specialist fighting your corner can really help with your confidence and getting the job you want. It will also help with matching you with right employer as we have a relationship with them.

What next

The next step is always to write down the pros and cons of looking for a new job and if the pros outweigh the cons then it’s time to start your job search.

If, you have come to the decision that it’s time to look for a new job then get in touch with us, as we have lots of great opportunities and we’re here to help you!

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