How to market yourself when job searching

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how to market yourself when job searching

With more jobs in the construction industry than we have seen for a long time you would expect that securing a job should be relatively straight forward if you have the right experience, skills and qualifications. 

We all know that having a well-formatted CV is a good start but if you don’t know how to market yourself then you are fighting an uphill battle!

how to market yourself when job searching

Below we have put together some key pointers to consider when starting your job search that will help put you in front of the competition...

What are your USPs?

We all know USP stands for ‘unique selling point’ and we all probably use this when trying to market your company and pitching for contracts, but this is also important for your job search. Knowing your USP, be it your training, experience, knowledge or skills is important when writing your CV and speaking with potential employers and recruitment consultants.

What are the buzz words?

Are there particular industry standard phrases or words that are used? On average internal recruitment teams spend 6 seconds looking at a CV, so this makes it all the more important to get the right words in to attract attention. This lack of time spent looking at CVs isn’t down to laziness or disinterest, it’s purely down to HR teams and recruitment professionals knowing what they are looking for. So when writing your CV or updating your LinkedIn profile make sure you have included the important stuff and have made it easy to find. 

Who are you trying to reach?

Knowing your audience is another big one. Don’t think that because you have a CV and covering letter that this will work for every employer. We can’t stress enough just how important it is to understand the business, culture and role, so you can tailor your CV and covering letter to the employer you are applying to. Yes we know that means that there is more work involved for you, but remember, you are trying to find a new job that will possibly offer more opportunity and higher pay, so giving that little bit extra will be worth it in the end!

Are you being proactive?

Just applying for loads of jobs on job boards doesn’t always get you that all important interview, remember you are up against a lot of competition. Have you got a LinkedIn profile? Is it up to date? If so then use it to your advantage, contact people from the business or recruitment consultants and introduce yourself via LinkedIn and no doubt they will at least look at your profile. Also, more and more employers are now looking at your CV and then searching for you on LinkedIn to see if the two match up. We suggest you treat your LinkedIn profile as your digital CV and update, so make sure it’s 100% complete. 

Why use a recruitment agency?

Having a recruitment consultant fighting your corner is a huge advantage for your job search. Any good recruitment consultant will firstly find out exactly what you’re looking for, from commute times and desired salary/rate to company type and culture and then pin point exactly which companies you wish to speak to. On top of this more tailored approach, remember we have great contacts, plus we have roles that aren’t necessarily advertised as they have either just opened up or haven’t even come on the market yet, so more opportunity for you with less competition!

What next?

Now its time for you to work out what you want and then how you’re going to get it. If you think that having a recruitment agency sounds like the right choice for you then get in touch with us and let’s kick start your job search!

If you feel you need more advice on we also have more CV advice and interview advice available. 

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