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hiring talent in the construction industry - recruitment

In the current situation where there is a clear skills gap across the whole of construction, we thought it would be helpful to discuss some key pointers that will help you attract the right people into your business. 

Hiring talent and potential talent has never been more competitive, so it’s important to go into the recruitment process with a clear idea of what makes the perfect candidate for you. However, we also suggest that having an open mind will also help with exploring other options that you may not have thought about.

hiring talent in the construction industry - recruitment

Below are some key points to consider when starting your search for talent… 

Do you have the time and capability to find candidates yourself?

In an ideal world you would have a strong database and the human resources available to find the right candidates, screen hundreds of CVs and then shortlist for interview. But as we all know finding talent is an expensive and time-consuming activity. So that leaves you with two options, spending longer trying to find candidates yourself with no real guarantee that you will find the right person or work with a recruitment agency. If you can do it yourself then great but if not then working with a recruitment agency is truly a great option, as we have thousands of candidates that we have previously worked with and are in contact with and a budget for key tools to help reach hard to find talent. As well as this we have recruitment specialists that know the market and will act as your brand advocate to help attract talented professionals to your business, which is a real advantage for you and your business.

Are you offering a competitive salary and package?

This is a key point to consider, as the same candidates you are trying to engage with and hire are also being contacted by your competitors. This means that knowing what salaries, rates and packages to offer is important to beat the competition in the current war for talent. Obviously you can only afford what you can afford but ask yourself, would you really want to miss out on a top candidate for the sake of £5,000 per year? The best advice we can give you is to either do your research to see what the market is offering similar level candidates, or engage with a recruitment agency who will be able to quickly offer you this information. We know it is more than just a salary when trying to attract talent but don’t be naive, money is important and is the main cause for candidates not accepting your offer. 

Can you move quickly?

If the right candidate comes along are you in a position to interview and offer the candidate the position quickly? Remember you are more than likely not the only company that is in talks with this candidate, so the quicker you can move the quicker you can get the candidate into interview and hopefully through to offering them the position. 

Also, do you have a number of candidates that you want to see before you make a decision on the right one? Do you have a long recruitment process? If so, then are you able to reduce this? Being flexible with your recruitment process has never been more important. We have seen on numerous occasions companies missing out on top talent because the candidate has had to wait too long for interviews, the offer has taken too long to come through and the candidate has used this time to look at other options due to not being able to wait. 

Would you consider a candidate who is looking for career progression?

We appreciate that when hiring for senior level roles you want to make sure that you bring someone in with experience, knowledge and the ability to hit the ground running. However, as we are experiencing a shortage in skills it’s always a good idea to consider an ambitious candidate that is looking for career progression. This is obviously your call but it’s always a good idea to have an open mind and meet candidates who are looking to make the step up, think of it as you’re finding the next superstar in your business!

Would you consider freelance candidates?

If you’re struggling to find the permanent hire you want then looking at a freelancer is genuinely a great option. Freelance workers are flexible, experienced and can fill the gap. We looked into this in more detail, which you can read in this article: Why companies shouldn't be reluctant to hire freelance staff.

These are all questions that need to be considered and discussed before you enter the recruitment process and remember these are questions that you can ask your recruitment partner, as we’re here to offer advice based on the current market as well as helping to attract people to your business. Trusting your recruitment partner is crucial as we’re up to speed with what’s going on in the market place meaning we have a very good understanding of what other companies are offering to help keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

What next?

We hope this article has offered some food for thought. If you would like to discuss your recruitment needs or would like to find out more about how we can help then get in touch with us today.

Why not also check out our recruitment solutions available to see which would best fit you and your business. We look forward to hearing and working with you.

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