How to know if a company is right fit for you

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How to know if a company is right fit for you

Searching for a new job is one of the most important things to do in life. The majority of us will work 5 days a week for over 40 years, which means it is vital that you choose the right position and company. OK so we’re not all going to stay in the same company for that long, as we will move around, but the point still stands, you need to love or at least like what you do and for who you do it for.  

Most of us will look at the salary, benefits and company before we even go for an interview but there is so much more to know and understand before you go ahead and accept. Below we have given some key areas to think about before applying, interviewing and accepting a job offer: 

Do your research

Even before you apply, do you know what the role is? What type of company you would be working for? Does it tick all the boxes? If yes then great and if it is right for you then even better, so go ahead and apply. If you don’t know the answers to these questions then you need to do some digging. 

The job advert will give you a good amount of detail about the role and company but you still need to look at other areas like the company website, social media and even Glassdoor. These areas will give you more of an idea of the work the company does, their team and their opinion of the company and how they communicate their brand to customers, clients and potential employees. 

What’s important to you

Do you know what is really important to you? Is it the career progression opportunities? The training and development offered? The size of company? Whatever it is write it down and have your deal breakers and areas you are willing to compromise on. 

How to know if a company is right fit for you

Although having deal breakers sounds negative, it is a good thing. Deal breakers are there to ensure you don’t compromise on the things that will make you less engaged at work, less satisfied with your job or compromise what you feel is a good work life balance. These can be anything from commute times to financials and will obviously vary from person to person but it’s important to know what they are from the start. 

Company Culture

What type of person are you? Do you love a highly social working environment? Do you love an environment where it is more relaxed? Every company is different from the clothes they wear in the office to processes and structure and it’s important to know what type of environment you work best in.

There will be times when you may need to be flexible with culture but if the culture of the company you are looking to apply for completely goes against who you are, then maybe it’s the wrong company for you. You will only really get to understand the culture when you meet the people in the business, so the interview is a great place to dig a little deeper and gain a better understanding. 

Ask the right questions

OK, so you can only really ask questions when you are in front of the employees, so the interview is an important place to do this in. Be it on the phone or a face-to-face interview, write down the key questions you want to know more about and ask them. Interviewers should always give you an opportunity to ask questions, so take the opportunity and find out what you want to know.  

Working with a recruitment business 

Working with a recruitment business is highly advantageous, as the consultant that you work with will know a lot more about the role, company and culture. This is due to the relationships we have with our clients and when a role opens up with a client we drill down to get a complete understanding of the actual role, development and progression opportunities and we obviously know key people in the business so understand what types of personalities are in the business. 

What next?

We hope this article has helped. If you would like to speak to us about opportunities we have then please get in touch, as we’re passionate about finding you the right job in the right company.

Alternatively you can check out all our latest construction jobs available and simply apply with you CV. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you secure you your perfect job. 

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