The top five annoying colleagues

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annoying colleagues in construction

We spend at least 5 days a week either on site, in the office or a mix of the two and when you spend that much time with the same people the little things can start to get on your nerves. We all have at least one annoying colleague we work with and if you don’t then you’re either lucky or too nice to say.

Below I have listed the top five annoying colleagues, which I have no doubt you will relate to at least one of them. I have also included some advice on how to deal with that particular type of person… in a professional manner of course: 

annoying colleagues in construction

Mr or Mrs know it all

That person in the office who quite literally knows it all. Even if you are a specialist in what you do, guess what, they know more than you. They’ve done it and yep you guessed it they did it better than you did it. In all seriousness this type of colleague can actually be quite detrimental to a business as more times than not they aren’t open to new ideas or new ways of thinking. Even if you come up with a corker of an idea you will always get a response of “I’ve tried that” or they don’t really listen. 

How to deal with a know it all:

If you have a know it all colleague you have two options for dealing with them. Pick your battles, otherwise you will just become exhausted with constantly debating every bit of detail or have facts and justifications to counter any counter argument.

The Gossip

Now if you don’t have one of these types of colleagues in your office then you’re lucky. I’m pretty sure that they come with every office... a desk, a computer, a kettle, a printer, a gossip. It’s the type of colleague you only find out about when you’re on the wrong end of a story that spreads through the office like wildfire. 

How to deal with a gossip:

The only real way to deal with a gossip in the office is to either ignore them or if you feel brave enough question their story. The quicker you set boundaries on what you are willing and not wiling to get involved in the quicker they will leave you alone. 

The Chatter Box 

The colleague that just doesn’t stop talking. We’ve all been there, you ask a simple question like “what did you do over the weekend?” and by the time you know it it’s time for lunch. Now, most people will make this mistake once and never again, but then you have to deal with there ongoing commentary about everything that they are doing throughout the day. Annoyingly they seem to be cracking on with their work whilst you’re left with your head in your hands struggling to concentrate.

How to deal with a chatter box:

The only real way to deal with a chatter box, although you just want to lock them in a cupboard, is to kindly ask them to stop talking. I’ve experienced this scenario first hand and although you think it will end up as a full on argument it is actually very effective. 9 times out of 10 the chatter box knows that they’re a chatter box and actually just apologises… job done! 

I’m too busy colleague

This is my worst type of colleague. This type of colleague is so busy that they don’t even have the time to listen to a question and they have no problems just saying “Sorry I’m too busy” sending you on your merry way in a fit of rage. Now jokes aside, this type of colleague is genuinely quite harmful to a simple process or collaborative working as they tend to not help or get involved in team activities and they make a negative name for themselves very quickly. 

How to deal with the I’m too busy colleague: 

You need to be brave with this type of colleague. Although there are certain times when we are genuinely too busy to take on extra workload, it is quite obvious when a colleague just uses this sentence to dodge extra work. So my suggestion is to be strong and actually question them, explain why you need their help and why it’s important to the project.  

The I went to ‘eleven'erife colleague

I heard this phrase a year or so ago and didn’t stop laughing for a week, it’s simply brilliant. The colleague who has always done what you have done but just just slightly better….. EVERY TIME.  Even if you said you played golf on the weekend and got a hole-in-one they would have probably got two. 

How to deal with the elevenerife colleague:

The best way, and I have tried this, is to tell them something that simply can’t be beaten or bettered. The beauty of this solution is it makes you look like a hero and your colleague will probably never ask you what you did just in case you did something better than them. 

What Next?

So, there you have it, the five most annoying types of colleagues to work with. If you have more than one of these in your business and you just can’t take it any more then don’t fear because we are here.

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