Why using a recruitment agency will help you find a great job

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Working with a recruitment agency

We all know what recruitment agencies do but we thought it would be helpful to look at why using a recruitment agency can really benefit you and your job search.

There are actually many benefits from using a recruitment agency when finding your next job, but we have listed the key benefits below: 

In the know

Any good Recruitment Consultant will know more than you expect them to know about the industry. They talk construction all day long to candidates and managers and have a very good idea of what makes a great job and what makes a great candidate. This knowledge of the industry offers an advantage to you, as they know exactly what roles, companies and industries would suit you based on your experience, knowledge and of course what you have discussed with them.

This knowledge means that they won’t just show you job opportunities that are available, they will offer job opportunities that will genuinely suit you, your needs and your ambitions. This is priceless as it means that the process is far easier, more enjoyable and means you get the right result first time.

Jobs that aren’t advertised 

Another great benefit is that due to the relationships we have built over many years with hiring managers and people within companies that are in the position to make decisions, we can approach companies that you want to work for even if there isn’t a job advertised. All it takes is a conversation and hey presto you have an interview with a company that you want to work with and they weren't even advertising for the particular position. This is happening more frequently now due to the growing skills gap within the industry and means there is less competition for you, which can only be a good thing.

Saving you time

Searching and applying for jobs is a real drain on your time. Having to sift through hundreds of job adverts and working out which ones you like the look of can also be quite frustrating. If you worked with a recruitment agency then you wouldn’t need to, as we would just update you as soon as an opportunity that fits what you want comes up.

More insight into the business 

Similar to the first point, any good Recruitment Consultant will know a lot about most companies within the construction industry. Instead of second guessing what a job advert means when it says ‘great career progression opportunities’ or ‘great development opportunities’ the Recruitment Consultant will be able to give you more valuable insight into the business. This won’t just be about the job and what you’ll be doing, it will also include the culture, types of personalities in the business, who you will be reporting into and projects in the pipeline. 

This insight is so valuable and will help you decide if you actually want to be put forward for the role or not, which will again save you time and stress.

Help to get what YOU want

Most importantly we will get what YOU want. It’s not in our interest to just put you forward for roles that you wouldn’t want or enjoy. We take pride in finding a perfect match for both candidate and client and we wouldn’t have the relationships we do if we didn’t take this seriously. 

What next

We hope this article has helped and has offered valuable insight into the benefits of working with us. If you are considering a new job or want some advice on your job search then get in touch with our team today!

You can also check out all of our current construction jobs available and if any look like a right fit for you simply apply with you CV.