5 advantages of hiring through a recruitment agency

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5 advantages of hiring through a recruitment agency

Although everyone knows what the role of a recruitment agency is, we thought it would be useful to highlight key advantages of using a recruitment agency when looking to hire construction professionals to join your team and business.  

There are many advantages of working with a recruitment agency but the below points are what we believe are the most important to consider when making a decision on if you are going to go it alone or get help when hiring talent.  

5 advantages of hiring through a recruitment agency

Knowledge of the market

Any great recruitment agency will have great recruitment consultants who have in-depth knowledge of the market. Firstly they will know the current recruitment trends. This will offer you insight into what competitors are offering for similar positions ensuring you are not setting yourself up for a difficult and sometimes impossible task of attracting talent into your business. We’re not saying that you need to offer packages that you can’t afford but it would be a shame to lose out on great talent for the sake of £5,000 per annum or a slightly higher car allowance because you didn’t know what your competitors were offering. 

Secondly, any great recruitment consultant will have a solid understanding of the professions and industries they are supplying. This really helps to target the right candidates for the position and means that when a CV is put in front of you it will 9 times out of 10 be a quality and highly relevant CV. 

Extended reach 

Advertising jobs can often be a frustrating process for companies, especially due to the skills gap the construction industry is experiencing. Firstly it’s very expensive, as job boards tend to charge a lot more for job posting if you are not buying in bulk. Secondly, just because you have advertised your job on multiple job boards doesn’t mean that you will attract the right candidates. A lot of quality candidates will look to stay off job boards as they already have exisitng recruitment relationships, which reduces your ability to reach and engage with them. 

Working with a recruitment agency offers you the ability to reach a huge number of highly relevant and talented candidates through our database and existing relationships we have build up over the years. This means that you can get your role in front of candidates that are actively looking for a new role but aren’t looking on job boards and candidates not actively looking but willing to hear about roles that we know would suit them and offer them more opportunity. 

Help with your brand

Brand is becoming more and more of a driver in the candidate’s decision making process when looking for a new role. Yes offering the right package is also important but having the ability to sell your brand and opportunity to the candidate is key when attracting the top talent. We often work with clients who forget to sell their company and the opportunity to the candidate in the interview process, which can often lead to the candidate feeling underwhelmed about the job. 

This is where we can help, our recruitment consultants are highly skilled in selling opportunities to the right candidates and we will get to know your business inside out, allowing us to offer candidates information about your culture, up coming projects, company history, training and development opportunities, mission, vision and values. Don’t be fooled, this information is highly valuable and is often the factor that can persuade a great candidate to join your business. We will also be able to help with advising you on how to also increase your ability to sell your business and opportunities to candidates, which only increases your chance of attracting the best of the best. 

Time saved

Hiring talent into your business can be long and sometimes stressful. Advertising and screening CVs is often the most time consuming process and can be difficult to manage, as you can only tell so much from a CV. Working with a recruitment agency will help, as this would be taken care of and only the suitable candidates will be sent for you to look at. On average this cuts the amount of CV’s for you to look through by 80%. This means you have more time to get on with you actual job and gives you peace of mind that you will be receiving only the right candidates for your vacancy. 

Future relationships 

Lastly, building a long lasting and trustful relationship with a recruitment agency is hugely beneficial as future hires will become smoother and quicker. Over time the two parties will gain a better understanding of how each other work and want to communicate and the recruitment agency will have a deeper knowledge of what the right candidate looks like, not just based on skills and experience but also personality. 

What next…

We hope this article has helped with understanding the benefits of working with a recruitment agency. If you have a position you would like to discuss or would like to find out more about how we work get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

We offer our customers a fully tailored and bespoke service, to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want and need. You can find out more about our recruitment solutions including information on our Managed Service solution, which is in place to offer you a recruitment service that will save you time and money.