6 Secrets to keeping your team motivated

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Keeping your team motivated

There are many reasons why it is key to keep your team motivated so we thought it would be useful to look at the most effective ways to do this.  

Remember business is about people and the only way to successfully achieve your business goals and to enhance customer satisfaction is to keep your team motivated and inspired to continuously perform. 

Here are our top five ways to keeping your team motivated: 

Involve your team

Most employees want to feel as though they are adding value to the business. By simply involving them in business decisions is an easy way to make them feel as though they are positively impacting the business. We’re not saying that all your employees come to the monthly board meeting, but sitting down with your team and discussing ideas and gathering opinion is relatively straight forward. Also, they may even have some very helpful insights that could make a significant difference to your business moving forward. 

Communicate with you team

Employees want to know what’s going on and by simply giving them a weekly update can really help motivate your team and keep them in the loop of why they are doing what they are doing. An internal newsletter, weekly meeting… it doesn’t need to be overly complicated but you do need to be open with your team and keep them informed. 

Celebrate individual and team performance

We all like to be told that we have done a great job and it is no different for your team. If an individual or team has achieved then let them know that you recognise it and that you appreciate it. If it is a stand out performance which has exceeded expectations then go a little further. Announce it in an internal newsletter, feature it on the company intranet or even take the team out for a lunch or dinner. 

It’s surprising in this day and age how isolated and unapproachable the heads of departments and directors are from the rest of the business. Imagine if a less senior employee received a 5 minute phone call from a very senior member of the business to say well done on your success… what a great feeling that would be and no doubt they would feel valued and special and motivated to keep achieveing. 

Give people the tools to succeed

It’s highly frustrating for any employee if they are struggling to get their job done to a high standard if they don’t have the necessary tools available to them. The best way to understand if there are any issues is by talking to your team, they will quickly tell you if they need anything. A happy workforce is an efficient workforce, so don’t make it harder for the business to succeed by not giving your team the tools they need to do their job. 

Manage poor performance

One of the most demoralising and destructive situations for any team is when a member of the team is underperforming and as a business owner or manager it is your responsibility to resolve it. Is a member of the team underperforming due to lack of knowledge, experience or capability? If so do they need further training and mentoring? Or is the member of the team underperforming because they just don’t try and don’t care?

If this situation occurs don’t be fooled that you only have a problem with the underperforming individual. If this continues then other members of the team will start to get frustrated and the situation could become hard to retrieve as the team could become less engaged as their work is being impacted by an underperforming member of the team. 

Lead by example 

The best way to inspire and motivate your team and business is by showing them the way. Setting standards, atmosphere and work ethic is far easier to do when the people at the top lead the way. Don’t be a boss be a leader… and there is a huge difference between the two. A leader inspires and a boss manages. 

What next...

We hope this article was helpful and if you have implemented all of the above then great, if not then don’t hesitate get started today. If you have a position you would like to discuss or would like to find out more about how we work get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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