How do you take your career to the next level?

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Career progression in construction

The key ingredients for a successful and happy career is having progression opportunities, feeling valued by your peers and employer and being paid what you’re worth. The only way to get these three ingredients right is by actually being good at what you do, being passionate about what you do and making things happen yourself.  

We appreciate that the employer plays a big part in helping you achieve your career goals, but not every employer will and this is why you have to help yourself when trying to take your career to the next level. 

Career progression in construction

Below are some key areas to consider from day one of employment, which will help you achieve your goals and take your career to the next level: 

Build trust

Do you consistently deliver on your word? By that we mean do you consistently meet project deadlines and deliver pieces of work you have promised on? If so then great, as this will help you build a positive reputation in your business and with your clients. It will mean people trust working with you and positive word of mouth spreads fast, so don’t be surprised if your name is frequently raised in management meetings when talking about success and achieving objectives. 

On the other hand negative word of mouth spreads even quicker, so if you aren’t delivering on your promise and consistently meeting project deadlines then don’t be surprised if your reputation starts to become tarnished. The key to building trust is to not stretch yourself to the point where you are setting yourself up for a fail, be realistic about what you can achieve within a certain amount of time. Make yourself available to your colleagues and management and make sure you become the star of the business. 

Learn from criticism

No-one likes to hear what they're not good at, but you should use this ‘constructive’ criticism and turn it into a positive... it’s a chance to improve. Due to workload we often don’t get the opportunity to step back and look at what we’re not good at, so having someone pinpointing it only helps you to turn that unknown weakness into a strength and become a better professional because of it. It’s important to always be open to suggestions on ways to improve yourself, so don’t be concerned when a weakness is highlighted just do something about it.

Stay positive 

Being positive is infectious and can really help you build a positive reputation within your business. Be professional but do it with a smile. A recent survey showed that 75% of job success is driven by your level of optimism, so make sure you love what you do and make the most of what you have. 

Keep developing new skills

On top of professional qualifications it is important to continually strive to develop new skills. Developing new skills helps you to become a more rounded professional and in an ever changing work environment not staying on top of changing systems, processes and work flows can often leave you lagging behind. Being open to new ideas, technologies and techniques is usually the first step to being innovative and any good business and manager will champion innovation.  

Keep an eye out for your next role

A recent survey showed that more than 70% of employees said they have to leave their current employer to advance their career, which is just staggering. This doesn’t mean that you will need to move but it’s always important to keep an eye out for what opportunities are available. By doing this will allow you to be completely informed of average salaries and more importantly you won’t miss out on that possible dream job. 

Although it is important to keep looking for opportunities it is also key that you don’t just jump from company to company, as this can look negative to most employers. Depending on where you are in your career 2 and a half years is a good amount of time to stay with a company.

What next 

We hope you found this article helpful and you now feel inspired to take control of your career! If you feel you have tried all of these and you haven’t been given the opportunity to progress then maybe you are one of the 70% that needs to move to a new company?

If you want to discuss opportunities then get in touch with us today, we are here to help you and we have loads of great roles available with great companies. Alternatively you can check out and search all of our latest jobs available, so don’t hesitate, get proactive and make a positive change. 

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