You’ve recently moved jobs and it’s a disaster… what do you do next?

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You’ve recently moved jobs and it’s a disaster… what do you do next?

So you’ve recently moved jobs and what should be the honeymoon period has become a nightmare… does this sound like the kind of situation you have found yourself in? If so don’t panic, it’s not the end of the world and it’s certainly not a rare situation to be in. 

In this article we discuss what your options are, so you can turn this negative into a positive situation, allowing you to get on with your career. Although every situation is different you do have options but it’s up to you to do something about it. 

You’ve recently moved jobs and it’s a disaster… what do you do next?

So, here are our suggestions to help you turn this situation into a positive, we hope you find them helpful:

Don’t make a knee jerk decision

On average It takes three months to get used to a new environment and role. So don’t rush into making a snap decision, as it could be a case of getting to grips with new processes, new colleagues and a new style of management. 

If you disagree with some of the ways in which the business does certain things then look at it as an opportunity to make suggestions for improvement. If you think that systems, processes or structures can be made more efficient then bring your experience and knowledge to the table and make a name for yourself within the business. 

Any good employer should be open to new ideas which could help with making projects and processes more effective and efficient, as this generally helps to improve profitability, save time and produce better outputs.  

So take a step back, breath and think logically about the situation, is it really as bad as you think it is?  

Communicate your concerns

If you have concerns about your role then raise it with your new manger. Being honest and upfront is key, as no-one will know you have concerns or worries if you don’t communicate them. The key to a successful discussion with a positive outcome is knowing what areas you have concerns about and offering solutions that will help to address these. 

So write down what it is about the role that you don’t like and know what you want to say before you actually have the conversation. 

Speak to a recruitment agency

Sometimes this type of situation only allows for one outcome and that is you start looking for a new role. Now the key concern for most candidates in this situation is that a potential employer will receive your CV when you apply and see that you have only been with your new employer for a few months, which could concern a potential employer.  

Now, although this is partly true the most effective way to resolve this situation is to work with a recruitment agency… we’re not being bias honestly. Having a Recruitment Consultant fight your corner is a really powerful tool when searching for a new job, as they will take time to understand your situation and be able to communicate this effectively with potential employers. We have great relationship with clients and these relationships are built on trust over a long period of time, which means that when we approach them on your behalf they will listen and trust what we say. 

We asked Andrew Szklarek, Director at Project Resource for his thoughts on working with a recruitment agency: “It’s so important to work directly with a recruitment consultant who understand you and your situation in detail. It is very easy for employers to misinterpret your skills, experience, motivations or reasons for looking for a new role. So by working with a recruitment consultant who is dedicated to working with you can ensure the REAL message is presented for why you are looking for new role

What next…

So, do you feel a bit better about your situation after reading this? If you find yourself in this type of situation be proactive and do something about it. If the only option is to look for a new job then get in touch with us and we can help get you back on track and into a job that you love. 

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