4 top reasons to change jobs

12 months ago by Daniel Stargatt

The idea of changing jobs can often seem stressful, you may have made some great friends, you feel comfortable where you work or you feel like you will disappoint your manager and co-workers with even just the thought of leaving. Well these are all great but they shouldn’t be the reason why you aren’t open to new opportunities. 

We are all creatures of habit but to get the best out of your career it is often important to keep your options open and not get comfortable. Often becoming comfortable can lead to a lack of innovative thinking, motivation in the workplace and worst of all a lack of ambition.


If you read our blog regularly you would have read an article we wrote discussing the 5 key signs that show it’s time to look for a new job. In this article we don’t focus on negative situations that may force you to look for a new job, we focus on the benefits of moving jobs and how it can positively impact you and your career opportunities.

So, here are our 4 top reasons to change jobs:

Broaden your knowledge 

Think back when you started your current job and the period when you had to learn, adapt and master your new role. Now fast forward to today, are you still learning at the same rate, or at least learning new skills? More importantly are you capable of offering more? 

It is said that a typical worker will master their role within three years, which goes hand in hand with what some experts say that there is now a three year cycle for the modern worker. Years ago companies would have looked at this new type of worker as a job hopper, with a clear lack of loyalty. Well, actually this new type of worker is thought of as an overachiever who learns more in a short space of time and in turn offers their employer better results.

What’s our point? Well it’s simple, if you’re still learning and progressing at your current company then great. If you feel that you have learnt all you can then it is probably a good idea to start looking at other opportunities. 

Increase your earnings

It’s important to feel valued by your employer and get paid what your worth and sometimes the only way to get the salary or rate you feel you deserve is by moving companies. Every company is different, with different pay scales and growth opportunities, so do your research and pin point the companies that you feel will offer you the best opportunity to progress both professionally and financially.

Some experts say that workers who move more frequently are paid up to 50% more than workers who stay at a company for a long period of time. Now 50% seems quite high, but in an industry where there is a war for talent we do see companies offering good candidates more to tempt them into moving. So changing roles really could offer you better pay opportunities.

Check out our salary survey to make sure you are being paid the market rate. 

New job, new challenge 

One of the most detrimental things in anyones career is not being challenged. Not being challenged and stretched in your job will, over time, sap your energy, passion, enthusiasm and drive to do better in your career. It can also lead to bad habits which will be hard to break. 

Not meaning to sound overly negative, but employers will pick up on this and your “safe and easy job” will start to look and feel less stable as your boss starts to question your ability to move forwards and grow. So take a step back, ask yourself if you are still motivated and challenged and if not then we suggest that you start looking for new opportunities. 

Better career progression opportunities 

You may be in a small company where there is no room for progression, you may be in a company that has ignored your ambitions and desire to progress or your manager isn’t interested in your career. If so then why are you still there? 

Obviously you need to push for progression by delivering quality work consistently and actually have a conversation with your manager to discuss your career expectation. As they say “you don’t ask, you don’t get”. But if you feel you have genuinely reached the progression potential at your current company then it’s time to look for other opportunities. We actually wrote an article on how to take your career to the next level, which we suggest you read.

What next?

We hope this article has helped and offered some strong positives to why moving jobs will benefit you. If you want to discuss you situation in more detail then we are here to help you, get in touch with us and we will help you get the right role that suits you and your career ambitions. 

Alternatively, check out our current construction job opportunities available and if you see a role that suits you simply apply with your CV. 

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