What makes a great team leader?

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Being a great leader of a team isn’t easy and some say that "great leaders are born, not made”. Well we beg to differ, yes for some people leadership comes a little easier but we are firm believers that you can learn to develop your skills and enhance certain qualities to help make yourself an effective leader.

We thought it would be helpful to put together some key qualities that every good leader should possess and if you don’t feel you do then this article will help you focus on the most important qualities to develop and strengthen. Aside from knowledge of your profession and industry and experience here are the key qualities we feel every great leader needs to possess:



The ability to effectively communicate to your team is important to ensure everyone knows what they need to do to get the job done. An informed team is an efficient team and it’s up to you to make sure everyone knows their roles and responsibilities. But remember, a great leader offers the ability for two way communication, so it’s not just about you telling people what to do, it’s also key for your team to know they can come to you for advice and support. 


Being a control freak will not help you become a great leader. It will only help to increase your workload, which often leads to less time spent with your team and long and stressful days. It is also often the cause of a demotivated team, as they feel that they aren’t being given the chance to show what they can do, as you are doing it for them. 

Having trust in your team is obviously key to delegation, but how do you know if you can trust them if you never give them the chance to prove themselves. This is where communication also comes in. Explain in detail what the task is and make yourself available for questions or advice. You will quickly see that your team are quite capable, resulting in better output and a more confident and effective team moving forwards. 

Inspiring and motivating 

A great leader knows what makes their team tick. A motivated team is a productive team and a productive team will excel in their work and meet deadlines. The best way to motivate and inspire is by showing enthusiasm and passion yourself. If you lead by example, create a happy and driven environment then it will be difficult for people not to feel pumped to deliver exceptional work every time. 

Customised Approach 

Similar to communication. Having a diverse team is a massive positive but it does mean that one approach doesn’t fit all. Knowing your team and how they want to be communicated to and what makes them tick will only help you to effectively customise your approach to help get the best out of them. We’re not saying you treat people differently, as that can create internal politics and friction. We are purely saying consider language used and ways to communicate to help get the best out of each team member. 


Having confidence in your ability and when making decisions is also very important. Now, with this quality it obviously helps to have experience under your belt, so you know you are making the best possible decision for your business and team. Confidence also rubs off on others, so by showing confidence will only help to create a confident team and a team that is confident in you and your vision. 


Being open to new ideas and new ways of working is a really important quality for many reasons. A lot of managers can often seem closed to ideas, as they may feel threatened. By giving your team the chance to innovate will only help to create a passionate and enthusiastic atmosphere that inspires innovation, which can help to give your business a competitive edge, become more effective and efficient. 

What next…

OK, so we have discussed the key qualities, now it’s over to you. If you think you possess all of these then great, you are well on the way to becoming a great leader! If you feel you don’t then it’s time to focus on the areas that you feel you are weak in. As we mentioned above, these are all qualities that you can learn and develop.

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