5 Tell-tale signs you’re stuck in a dead end job

10 months ago by Daniel Stargatt

One of the most important things when finding a job is to find a job that you enjoy and a job that offers opportunity for progression. However, we speak to a lot of construction professionals who feel like they are stuck in a company where the only way to get on in their careers is to get out of their current company.

Unfortunately, if you don’t grab the bull by the horns and do anything about it, it can have a negative impact on your enthusiasm, passion and drive, which can in turn lead to a lack confidence.


To help you identify if this is the case for you, we thought we would share some typical tell-tale signs…

Your skills and experience are not being utilised

Do you feel like you have more to offer in the way of ideas and skills but your manager or seniors don’t offer you the opportunity to show and prove yourself? No doubt this frustrates you and over time that frustration can lead to disengagement, which will only help to make you feel less valued and could quite easily knock your confidence.

If you haven’t raised the fact that you want to step up or have more of an input into projects then make sure you do. Giving your manager the benefit of the doubt, maybe they haven’t approached you because you haven’t shown a desire to step up.

However, if you have raised this issue and it was met with negativity or a lack of interest then we suggest that you start looking at other opportunities with a business that will value you and utilise your skills and ambition.

Your manger doesn’t support or care about your career

Ever get the feeling that your manager isn’t interested in your career? Well if you do then just like the first point, raise your concern and ask “what the next step in the business is for you and how do I achieve it.” If your enquiry is met with a lack of enthusiasm or a weak or even negative response, then sadly it could be down to the fact that either your manager isn’t interested in your career or there just isn’t anywhere else for you to move up to.

Just like the first point, don’t let this get you down. You just need to take control of the situation and explore your options. We can safely say that we work with a lot of great clients who are always interested in hearing about skilled and experienced professionals who are looking for a new role. So get in touch and let’s get you a job where you can thrive, develop and progress!

You’re not challenged

Do you feel like you aren’t being stretched in your job or even worse you’re bored? If so then this can again have a negative impact on your enthusiasm and passion for what you’re doing and will likely mean your quality of work suffers.

We suggest that before you come to the conclusion that you need to look at moving, you try and see if you can take on more responsibility. This will obviously look good, as your employer will see that you are driven and could help you in your quest of a promotion or salary increase.

If you have done this and there just isn’t anything else you can do to help the feeling of boredom or not being challenged then maybe it really is just time to look at at other opportunities.

No change in title or salary

Has it been a long time since you have seen or even heard talk of a pay rise or promotion? Now we don’t have figures on when and how often the average construction professional receives a pay increase or promotion, but we will say that if it’s been over a two years since your last pay rise then you need to start looking into why.

Asking too frequently can look greedy and like you’re only interested in one thing… money. However, we know there is a direct link to how valued an employee feels by the salary they are paid.

Before you start looking for a new role that is better paid, make sure you have asked your employer for a salary and performance review. If the result is still no increase or promotion opportunity with no reason as to why or how you can achieve this, then we suggest it’s time to start looking for other opportunities.

Attempts to improve your job is met with negativity

Similar to the third point, have you tried to develop your role within your business but when you have done so, it’s met with a wall of negativity and obstructions? Well don’t get yourself down, think positively, as you have made a concerted effort to better yourself and role. But maybe it’s time to take your enthusiasm and drive to a new employer that will allow you to develop and progress your career.

What next…

The key thing to do, if you find yourself in any of these situations, is to raise it with your manager or seniors and try and get your concerns resolved. If you have done this and you just feel that there is nowhere else for you to go then be proactive, get your CV in shape and remember… you’re not alone. Get in touch with us and we will help get you a role you deserve and can progress in.

You can also check out all of our current construction jobs and if you see a role you like the sound of just simply apply with your CV!

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