6 key tips to help you hire great people

over 2 years ago by Daniel Stargatt
6 key tips to help you hire great people

In this article we take a look at the key steps when hiring, to ensure you give yourself the best possible chance to hire great people in to your company more effectively and efficiently.

This is not an exhaustive list; this is just a list of the key areas to focus on and areas we feel a lot of employers we work with often overlook. In a market where top talent is hard to find, it is absolutely key to get the recruitment piece right first time to help save you time, money and stress… 

Know what the market looks like

The first step when looking to recruit is to understand what the ideal candidate looks like for your role vs what is available in the market. By this we mean knowing what you’re looking for based on skill set, experience and personality, and how much you are willing to pay to attract talent in to your business based on what competitors are offering. 

This is where we can help. We have relationships with a large number of great candidates who are both actively seeking new roles and candidates who are not necessarily looking but are open to hearing about great opportunities. This means we will have relationships with candidates that match your requirements, speeding up the recruitment process for you.

We also have our finger on the pulse when it comes to trends, patterns and the current climate of recruitment and availability of talent. So we will be able to help you shape the package to ensure you’re competitive in the market, giving you the best opportunity to attract the best of the best.

Pre-screen candidates

This can often take time, and as they say time is money. This is an area where employers tend to slip up and miss great candidates, due to the sheer amount of time and energy used to go through the large numbers of applications.

Prescreening candidates isn’t just looking at a CV, it’s also key to call and have a conversation with the candidate to get a full understanding of their experience, needs and personality. So it takes time and a lot of attention to detail. Again, this is where we come in to help ensure a great candidate is not missed and your time is freed up to get on with your day job.

Interview quickly

This is another important step in the recruitment process where employers often get wrong. So you’ve been sent CV's for a couple of great candidates who meet your requirements and more importantly are excited about the prospect of working for your business and are keen to make the move.

This is where you need to act quickly. It is vital that you get them into interview as quickly as possible. The longer you leave it the more likely it is that the candidate will start to feel that you are not interested in them. Plus it increases the risk that they will have more time to interview with other businesses... your competitors. Don’t allow this to become the reason that you miss out on great people, be quick, show you are keen and get them into interview.

Know how to sell your business

It’s amazing how many clients struggle to sell their business to candidates. We have seen many times candidates going into an interview where they are excited about the prospect of joining the business and after the interview feel a little underwhelmed.

Yes an interview is an opportunity for a candidate to impress a prospect employer, but just as importantly, it is also an opportunity for you to sell your business and the role to the candidate. In a climate where talent is hard to find and there are multiple job opportunities for candidates, it is crucial that you can capture the candidate’s imagination and leave them with no reason not to accept your role. We appreciate you’re not a sales person but be prepared to fight for talent.

Working with a recruitment agency is a great way to sell your business to candidates. It is our job to completely understand your business, from culture and values to projects and progression opportunities. This complete understanding helps us to sell your business when speaking to candidates, which then means they are completely informed before the interview, lifting the pressure off of you to have to sell your business.

Decision maker availability

So you have found the ideal candidate, they have “knocked it out of the park” in the interview and they have shown you that they are really keen to join your business. What do you do next? 

Well it’s time to offer the candidate the role of course! Do you know who makes the final decision and who has final sign off? If not then this is again where the recruitment process can be delayed, and sometimes mean that you lose a great candidate. Just like the interview stage, don’t drag your heals, as this can look like you’re not that interested and even worse you don’t value the candidate enough to move quickly.

Our advice is to make sure that the decision makers are completely on board and are regularly communicated to throughout the recruitment process, so you don’t get into a situation where an offer takes too long to secure the candidate.

Are you really going to lose a great candidate for slightly more money?

We have seen on occasion’s employers not willing to spend an extra £3,000 to £5,000 per annum on their salary/package to secure a great candidate. Now we appreciate there are budgets in place that need to be adhered to. However, in todays market it is far more difficult to find talent due to the skills shortage, so you have to ask yourself two questions before you decide not to go that little bit further… “Do I really want to go through this whole process again, with no real certainty that I will find someone as good?” and “In the grand scheme of things, is it really that much to secure a candidate that will offer far more in value to my business?”

Like we said earlier in the article, no one wants to pay over the odds but being slightly more flexible with packages is a real asset and one that can lead to losing or securing a great candidate. Working with a recruitment agency can help you in this situation, as we are here to offer advice on what the market rate is for specific roles in specific regions. 

What’s next and are you looking to recruit talent into your business?

We hope this article was helpful and you feel you are better informed, so you can go into the recruitment process with your eyes open.

Remember, we’re here to help. So if you want to discuss your requirements and business in more detail, so we can help you attract the best talent around, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!