How much do you know about modular building?

about 1 year ago by Tim Cottrell
Modular Building construction

Modular Building is on the rise and has been pushing boundaries within construction World-Wide. It has been labelled as the “future of construction” but how much do you know about modular building.

Here are 5 quick points thatyou may not have known...

Modular Building construction

1) Modular buildings are completely recyclable

Each modular building can be reused and repurposed over and over again in any number of ways. As well as a rise in recycled materials as a primary building ingredient, the nature of modular builds means that they can be dismantled and reassembled or relocated with relative ease. Obviously the bigger the build, the more complicated the alterations.

2) China built a 57-story skyscraper in 19 days using modular blocks

Whilst the UK is scratching the surface of modular building, with modular housing being one of the most heavily invested sectors over the last year - we’re very much playing catch up to the power-houses of the USA and China.

The latter completing a 57-storey skyscraper in less than 3 weeks. By comparison, Manchester’s Beetham Tower, currently the tallest residential building in the UK outside of the Capital, is 47-storeys and took roughly 2 years to complete.

3) The UK has the largest home-building factory in Europe

No, Really. Insurance giants Legal & General opened their Leeds factory recently and can produce 3,500 completely finished apartments each year. It’s common knowledge that we’re in the middle of a housing shortage and the ability to produce high volumes of quality homes in a short time-span highlights how vital modular building is to the future of UK construction.

4) Modular building is eco-friendly and time saving

One of the key advantages of using modular builds is the ‘green’ factor. Due to construction taking place off-site, time-scales are shortened, waste is heavily reduced and the need to rely on large construction equipment for large periods is negated. A huge amount of construction occurs underneath a roof with modular building. It means that the recent weather won’t be stopping play for very long in the near future!

5) Modular allows you to get creative

We’ve seen a great deal of variety in what modular building can offer, I’ve mentioned the Housing aspect in the UK and we’ve seen the High-Rise in China – one of the key benefits is that off-site manufacturing allows contractors to create purpose built/bespoke elements for any number of purposes. From Schools through to Hospitals, the potential applications are huge.

It’s not just the type of project that can vary, it’s the materials used. Manchester has been experimenting and Bowmer & Kirkland’s Holiday Inn Express in Trafford Park is one for the books!

The thing that makes this modular development stand out is that it was made out of repurposed shipping containers. The £15million development was delivered in just 39 weeks and highlights the advantages of modular building.

Whilst we’re not quite up to the heights of China’s High-Rises, modular building is surely going to be a huge part in the future of Construction in the UK.

This article was written by Tim Cottrell, Recruitment Consultant.

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