Why most employees look to move jobs

over 2 years ago by Daniel Stargatt
Why most employees look to move jobs

As I’m sure you know there is a war for talent due to the shortage in skills across many key professions in construction. This means that for an employer it is key to ensure your team are happy and motivated and committed to your business.

In this article we delve into the minds of an employee and look at the top reasons why they look to move on. This article will help you identify key motivations, to help you gain a better understanding of what to look for and how to keep hold of your top talent.

Career Advancement

This is the most common cause for an employee to look to change jobs. We speak to so many ambitious candidates on a weekly basis that are looking to move because their current employer isn’t giving them the opportunity to progress.

We appreciate that not every company can offer quick career progression due to size, but have you had an honest and open conversation with your employees about this and where you see them in the future? And have you offered them other incentives to stay?

If you can offer more responsibility even if it’s not a promotion then at least it shows that you value and trust your team, which will inspire them to want to prove themselves and enhance their knowledge and experience within your business.

The key to this is to communicate with your team regularly and be honest with them. Honesty is a key ingredient to creating loyal employees and that is a powerful thing for any employer!

More Money

Yes you guessed it, more money more problems. Well it’s not a problem if the employee who is asking for more money is worth it, and by worth it we mean adding value to your business and would be hard to replace if they left. Before you say no you need to weigh up your options and fully understand the current market. It’s a war out there and do you really want to push away talent for the sake of a bit more money?

If you aren’t currently in a position where you can offer more money then try to commit to a reasonable time when you can seriously review pay for the employee in question and stick to the date. The worst thing you can do is offer an empty promise or forget to discuss when the time comes, this just breeds resentment and will be hard to rectify if it goes sour.

We suggest you speak to us to get a good understanding of average salaries offered in your region and sector, alternatively you can check out our construction salary survey.

Work/Life Balance

This is becoming increasingly more important for employees and we appreciate it is a difficult point to often get right for both your business and your employees. The main reasons for employees looking to move to increase a work/life balance is either due to a change in their personal life or to reduce commute times.

The first point is often helped by you knowing and understanding your employees on a more personal level. Do you know what they have got going on in their lives? Be it a young family or moving house. If you know this information you may be able to help them overcome the work/life balance issue by working with them to find a reasonable solution to help relieve a bit of pressure. Remember a happy worker is a productive worker! 

The second point is a little trickier, as we know you’re not going to move your office closer to make the commute shorter. But is it possible for the employee who has raised this issue to work one or two days from home? It’s 2017 and more and more people are working from home now and stats show that it doesn’t impact productivity. Just some food for thought to help keep your talent happy and committed to your business.   

Are you looking to recruit? Or want some advice on the current market?

We hope this article has helped with gaining a better understanding of what to look for to ensure you can keep top talent in you business.

If you are looking to recruit for your business then look no further. We are specialists in finding great people and we pride ourselves on getting the right result first time. Get in touch with us and we can get the ball rolling on finding you what you need!