Why employ a Document Controller?

over 2 years ago by Stephanie Hardy
Document Controller job

In today’s industry, the importance of managing incoming and outgoing correspondence and documentation is vital and if not properly supervised can cause massive issues on schemes.

I primarily focus on recruiting Site Managers and Site Engineers, however, Document Controllers have, without a doubt, been the most in demand roles over the past several months.

So why you may ask? This question struck a chord with me and I was unsure how to answer it. So I thought what better way than to ask Document Controllers I have been working with for their views on why it's important to employ a Document Controller.

So after gathering all the responses to my question over the past couple of days, I have included opinions and views of four great Document Controller professionals I have worked with, offering some valuable insight into why construction companies should use Document Controllers...

I feel Document Controllers provide a very specific skill set, which includes the knowledge and experience required to support teams with both Document Management and Information Management in the construction industry. As Document Controllers, we play a vital role understanding, controlling and managing the flow of information from the consultant teams all the way to Management Contractors and Subcontractors throughout the project lifecycle from concept to delivery.

"I 100% think construction companies should use document controllers. I know that every company I have worked at have benefited hugely by having someone there to make sure everything happens behind the scenes that sometimes doesn't get the attention or detail it needs. The last two companies I worked for didn't have a document controller before so I created design/filing procedures that weren't in place before, or if they were, they were very random and didn't follow a specific process. Now, everyone knows that each folder contains the correct information that they can work from and not have to spend their time checking that it's correct."

Coordination is the key on this, where all drawings, design issues, comments and approvals are collated in a controlled environment. Up to date information is made available to everyone. Comments can be collated within set timescales. Formal approval of documents is given. Its a live document, forever being updated until the project ends. On big projects this is vital to centralise all external parties.

The Document Controller is the main link to all other members of the construction team. If you run a project without the Document Controller, you will find you will have a design manager doing the role of the document controller, which when you think about it is not very cost effective. Some companies operate with a regional information manager. When this practice is adopted the information manager would then manage the Document Controllers on a project. Small projects may only have one Document Controller and larger projects more than one.


What I have learnt from reading these responses is that Document Control on a constructions site is an extremely critical process that without could lead to significant errors for the outcome of the project.
Document Controllers are vital I feel for the delivery of a successful scheme – when a Document Controller displays fantastic experience and technical knowledge they are NOT to be overlooked.

What next?

So, toying with the idea of a Document Controller? I hope this article puts the upmost confidence in your decision to definitely recruiting one on your team, as the ones I work with are fantastic hard workers and would definitely contribute to the successful delivery of a scheme.

If you are keen to discuss this in more depth and interested in recruiting a Document Controller then get in touch with us.

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