Why including accomplishments on your CV really matters

almost 3 years ago by Daniel Stargatt
CV Tips and advice - Accomplishments

In this article we discuss the importance of including your accomplishments on your CV and how it will benefit your job search.

We appreciate there are a lot of CV advice articles online already, but most just discuss how to construct your CV. In this article we drill down on one of the most important elements of your CV… your accomplishments. 

Why are accomplishments so important?

Similar to an article we wrote recently about how to speak positively about yourself in an interview, including your accomplishments in your CV is key in highlighting your achievements and also highlighting that you are good at what you do… it’s not showing off.

Remember, an employer WANTS to know what you have accomplished and it will be one of the first things they look at. So including your achievements clearly is key to helping you with being considered for the role you are applying for, as it will help to indicate how hiring you will benefit their business.

Being modest = underselling yourself

Modesty is an endearing trait, but during the application process modesty will only lead to you underselling what you have achieved, your skills and your ambitions. So for each role listed on your CV we suggest you include 3-5 key accomplishments within the role clearly and concisely.

What are accomplishments?

It’s simple really, accomplishments are results you have achieved, which positively impacted your employer. This could be something you implemented that helped create more efficiency, it could be successfully completing a project on time and within budget or it could be something you did which saved money or created revenue for the business.

Often we see people include work duties in accomplishments, this is not what this section of your CV is about… it’s to highlight successes not what you do on a day to day basis.

Are you struggling to think of accomplishments

OK, so if you’re struggling to think of clear accomplishments to include in your CV, then the best thing to do is think about your proudest moments. Have there been any times where you had to overcome a challenge at work, have you done something which positively changed the outcome of a project or a bid or have you received praise from your manager or team leader for something you did?

Think about it, write it down and work out how you can include a measurable to it to make it an accomplishment!

Example accomplishments

Lastly, here are a coupe of examples or well laid out accomplishments to get you creative juices flowing:

Example 1: Commended by Site Foreman for contributing to a safe workplace environment by proactively recognising and reporting safety hazards.

Example 2: Managed multiple million pound projects at once, completing each project on time and within budget.

Example 3: Completed £100m luxury apartment project one week ahead of schedule.

What next?

We hope this article has helped you with understanding how to help sell yourself more effectively. If you want more CV advice then check out our tips on CV writing.

If you are considering your next role or want to discuss opportunities we have available then get in touch with us as we’re here to help you find what you want. Alternatively you can search all of our construction jobs and simply apply with your CV.