Signs your interview went well

10 months ago by Daniel Stargatt

Have you been in an interview situation where you’ve tried to gauge if the interviewer likes you, but you are struggling to read the signs? Don’t worry, you’re not the only person that has ever felt like this… it’s actually very normal.

Trying to get a sense of how an interview is going can be tricky, but there are a few tell-tale signs that can help you get a better understanding. Below are our top five signs that show the interview is going well:

Body Language

You can tell a lot from what isn’t said in an interview and body language is a great way to get a feel for if the interviewer likes you or not. If there is a lot of eye contact and smiling then this generally means that the interviewer is interested and is trying to silently build rapport with you.

It’s also very easy to read if an interviewer is engaged by the way they are sitting and listening to you. If they are leaning forward and generally looking interested by nodding in the places where you would expect them to nod then this shows that they are listening to what you are saying.

Your interview runs over

This is a classic tell-tale sign. Most interviewers will give you a set interview slot, be it 30 minutes or an hour. If your interview runs over the allotted time then this is only a positive sign. Most interviewers will have other things to do during the day, so if they are willing to put those activities on hold to spend more time with you then great, you’re obviously coming across well!

Meet the team

If you have been asked if you want to meet the team then this is also a very positive sign. The interviewer wouldn’t waste their own or their team’s time if they didn’t think you were a strong candidate. So don’t be shy, embrace the fact that they are interested in you and show the rest of the team that you are a great candidate as well!

Your availability

Some say that this is just a box ticking exercise for an interviewer, but if you are asked about your notice period or when you are able to start then this really is a good sign. Trust us, the interviewer wouldn’t ask if they weren’t thinking about the possibility of hiring you and how the dates would work for them.

Selling the company

If you get a sense that the interviewer is really selling the company and the role to you, then take this as a positive. An interviewer wouldn’t waste their time to discuss the role in real detail if they weren’t trying to sell it to you.

What next?

We hope this helps you in your next interview. We also have other articles on our blog that will help you nail an interview, so make sure you read those as well. I haven't interviewed for years, I need some advice and how do you speak about yourself in an interview?

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