3 ways to prove you’re ready for a promotion

over 1 year ago by Daniel Stargatt
3 ways to prove you’re ready for a promotion

Do you feel that you have been in the same role for a long time and that you’re ready make the move up the ladder? The next step is to prove to your Manager that you’re ready for a promotion, but how do you do this?

There are many things you can and should do to help stand out and prove that you are ready to take the next step in your career, but we have narrowed it down to the top three things to do to help you in your quest for promotion. 

Think business

Any good Manager will think beyond their job. They will consider the wider business and understand how decisions will positively or negatively impact the company. Try and get an understanding of other areas of the business, ask colleagues in other departments, so you can start to build up a picture of what others do in the business and how departments work together. This background knowledge will only help you to make good business decisions in the future.

We also suggest that you make yourself aware of your competitors, what they are doing and get comfortable with figures and finances. This may sound like a lot to consider but we can’t stress enough how important being business minded is if you want to move into a more senior position.

Help your colleagues

It’s more than likely that your next promotion will mean you will have a team to look after, or at least an assistant or two. So our advice is to start helping colleagues around you now. If you can prove that you are comfortable working with and helping others around you, it will only help to show you would fit well in a management position.

Another plus of helping others around you is that you will start to gain a reputation as a team player, you will gain respect from your peers and colleagues will want to work with you, which all help when seeking your next promotion. Essentially go the extra mile and don’t just think about yourself.

Exceed expectations

It’s simple - consistently exceed expectations and it won’t be long until your Manager has to take notice and look at how you can progress in the company. You can’t expect to secure a promotion because you have completed one project on time and in budget, but if you can consistently do this, then how can your manager say you’re not ready?

Any manager or business leader will want to keep achievers in their business, so make it hard for them to say “no” to a promotion by consistently proving yourself and exceeding what is expected of you!

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