The benefits of employee recognition

almost 2 years ago by Daniel Stargatt
The benefits of employee recognition

There may be a National Employee Appreciation Day every year, but if you want to keep your best talent then it’s absolutely essential to regularly recognise their efforts and commitment to your business throughout the year. It’s a bit like Valentines day, you don’t just tell your loved ones you love them once a year.

In this article we discuss the key benefits to simply recognising your employees…

Recognition leads to happy employees

However you recognise your employees, be it via a formal appraisal, a casual lunch out or a coffee in the office, recognising their work and commitment plays a key role in keeping your employees happy. Making your employees feel valued is highly motivational and will help to inspire them to continue doing a great job, as they know their hard work won’t go unnoticed.

It is suggested, that based on a number of surveys, happy employees are on average 12% more productive than unhappy employees… so both parties feel a benefit of regular recognition!

Appreciative leaders are appreciated

If you are in a position where you manage or lead a team then we really can’t stress the importance of appreciating your employees enough. Figures show that that around 90% of employees who receive recognition from their managers indicated higher levels of trust in their manager.

Building a trustful and happy environment is only going to help you and your business, as you will be surrounded by happy and loyal employees who enjoy their work and are committed to giving their all.

Appreciated employees are loyal

Finally, and probably most importantly, employees who feel appreciated are more likely to stay in your business. Given the skills shortages and war for talent that we are experiencing in the construction industry this is a huge benefit for you and your business.

So if you are already a champion of employee recognition then great, keep doing what you're doing. If you feel that this isn't a strong area for you and your business now is a great time to start doing it!

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