How to create a collaborative and positive workplace

over 1 year ago by Daniel Stargatt
How to create a collaborative and positive workplace

There are so many benefits from building a collaborative and positive workplace. From increased employee engagement and satisfaction, to increased productivity and ultimately business growth.

By building a workplace where your people feel comfortable to bring ideas to the table, think outside the box and understand the bigger picture, you are building a culture that people want to be a part of and ultimately an environment they won’t want to leave.

In this article we thought it would be helpful to discuss how you can go about creating such an environment…

Lead from the top

If you are serious about creating a collaborative workplace one of the fundamentals is that you become a leader, not a manger. Get yourself in amongst your team and help drive success rather than pointing where you want to go and hoping your team go in that direction. By rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty you will help demonstrate the standard of work and output that is expected from everyone in your team.

Make communicating easy

It’s also important to adopt an open-door policy. Make it easy for your team to communicate with you regularly and feel comfortable doing so. Not only will this help you strengthen relationships, it will also help to drive communication within your team as they adopt the behaviours they see at the top.

Encourage innovation

Creating an environment where your team feel comfortable coming up with new ideas is key to building a collaborative culture. If you make people feel uncomfortable, or even worse as though they can’t come to you with ideas then you will never achieve a truly collaborative workplace.

A suggestion is to offer a collaborative working space where people can go to work together and share ideas.  Informal working areas can help get the creative juices flowing, away from the usual desk set up.  Consider the layout and decor of this area, to promote creativity and innovation.

Be more social

I know it’s often hard to get the whole team together to socialise after work due to family or personal commitments, but it really can help to build a team spirit and stronger bond. This increased bond will help to drive a more collaborative workplace, as they feel comfortable with sharing ideas and supporting each other.

If you find it hard to get everyone together at the same time after work, why not finish the day an hour earlier and head out for a drink or early dinner. It’s only an hour out of the week, and the benefits can be great.

Celebrate success

People love to be recognised for their hard work and celebrating success will help drive more success. So if your team have successfully delivered then make sure you all celebrate the achievement together and help drive that team winning mentality.

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