How to maintain a work/life balance in a 24/7 working world

over 1 year ago by Daniel Stargatt
How to maintain a wor life balance in a 24 7 working world

Do you feel overworked? Is your social life being severely impacted due to your job and leading to you feeling unhappy? Well if so then keep reading. In this article we discuss the importance of a healthy work/life balance and ways in which you can achieve this.

We live in a world where technological advancements have meant that we have never been more connected, where your phone is essentially a portable, hand-held computer and we can logon wherever we are, even on a beach whilst you’re sipping on a cocktail and soaking up the sun.

There are always people in business who boast about the amount of hours they have worked in the week and the fact that they pulled a shift over the weekend, but in reality that isn’t what the majority of us actually want from our careers. Of course there are always going to be periods where you are going to be busier than usual, maybe some later nights and possibly a weekend working. But if this is just the norm for you then get ready for the burn out.

Ensuring you have a healthy work/life balance is absolutely key to your job satisfaction, performance and more importantly your physical and mental health. So if you feel that your work/life balance is compromised and you are starting to feel resentful towards your job, anxious or stressed then it’s time to get your work/life balance in shape.

There are many things you can do to help create a balanced work/life balance, but we have highlighted three key things you can do to help achieve it…

Switch off after work

One of the biggest reasons why we can’t unwind when we leave work is due to our work following us home, by this I mean having access to your work emails from your phone. It’s simple, switch your phone off, or at least turn off your emails when you leave work. You will find it a lot easier to switch off.

Another good thing to do is to set expectations of when you are in work mode. If you have a boss who has a habit of logging back on when they get home or staying in the office late and firing off emails, just don’t reply. Just because they work a lot longer hours consistently doesn’t mean you have to. After a while they will realise and although the emails won’t stop, they won’t expect a response until the morning... when you're back at work.

Have a hobby

Having a reason to leave work on time a couple of times a week and having something else to focus your attention on is a great way to help achieve a healthy work/life balance. Whether it’s going to the gym or joining a club, it’s really important to have things throughout the week that you look forward to doing.

If it is a fitness related activity then great, as that will help towards your health, which is also very important. But even if it’s a book club, it still has the same desired affect, helping to prioritise your personal life over your work life.

Is it you or is it the job?

If you feel that you have worked hard to try and achieve a healthy work/life balance, but due to the company culture or your boss it just doesn’t seem to help then maybe it’s time to look at companies who actually put their people first. There are lots of great companies in the construction industry who offer their staff a healthy work/life balance, honestly, just get in touch with us and we can help you!

It’s ok to consider moving, it doesn’t mean you are being disloyal. You have to put yourself first, as a relentless work life will only lead to you burning out, which can be hugely detrimental to your career and overall happiness.

Looking for a new job in construction?

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