Job burnout: The causes and how to overcome it

almost 2 years ago by Daniel Stargatt
Job burnout - How to spot it and overcome it

If not spotted, job burnout can become a real issue both physically and mentally. So it’s absolutely crucial to ensure you are doing the right things to stay happy and healthy at work.

There are many symptoms that could indicate you have job burnout, from feeling irritable, impatient and less enthusiastic to physical complaints such as frequent headaches. In this article we focus on the possible causes of job burnout and things you can do to help.

Below we have listed the most common causes of job burnout…

Unclear job expectations

People with unclear expectations at work tend to get a lot more stressed and anxious than people with clear expectations. This is due to not really knowing if you are performing and delivering work at the level that your manager is expecting of you. So there is a sense of second guessing if you are on track or falling short of the mark in terms of your performance, which will only make you feel uncomfortable at work and no doubt you will be taking that worry back home with you.

Lack of support

It’s never a nice feeling to feel isolated at work. Be it a lack of help and support from your team or from your manager. This lack of support will make you feel like you’re alone, so when you need help or advice during an important project or even just a day to day task you feel as though you have nobody to turn to. This can often lead to you feeling more stressed and tired.

Poor work/life balance

We recently wrote an article about how to create and maintain a healthy work/life balance, which we suggest you read. If you feel that your job is beginning to take a hold of your life, leaving you with little to no time to keep up with your social time and hobbies, you are ultimately on a road to job burnout. It’s so important to balance your job and personal life as much as possible to ensure you stay happy, healthy and satisfied at work. As the saying goes… “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Too much on your plate

Do you feel as though you are drowning in a mountain of work and your to do list is becoming completely unmanageable? Well this can be a huge contributor to job burnout. The classic case of too much work and not enough people will only lead to you becoming stressed, tired, anxious and your standard of work will become compromised.

Do these causes of job burnout resonate with you?  Below we have listed some of the practical steps you could take to reduce job burnout…

Evaluate your job options

If you feel that the job or business you work for just isn’t the right fit for you and you feel that a move would help to reduce your stress, then maybe it’s time for you to start looking for new opportunities. We have worked with lots of candidates who have been in a position where they are unhappy in their role due to some of the above issues, and have found that a change has been the best thing they did for their career and overall job satisfaction.

Ask for support

Speaking to your manager should always be the first thing you do to see if they can help. Be it by offering more support, reducing your workload so it is more manageable or even just a catch up on how they see your performance, so you know how you are doing. Whatever the issue you are experiencing, communicate and try and resolve it before it becomes too much to handle.

Get more exercise

Getting regular exercise is a great way to relieve stress and take your mind off your job. Make an effort to set aside some time every week.  It’s amazing what exercise can do for your body and mind.

Take a break

Simple, take some time for yourself. Even if it’s a staycation, it’s so important to take time off work to help recharge your batteries and relax. If you feel like work is getting on top of you and you don’t have any time off booked, make the next thing you do to book some time off and have something to look forward to.

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