Signs you should move job

almost 2 years ago by Daniel Stargatt
Signs you should move job

Every company has its faults.  Some faults are big, like a poor company culture and some are small, like bad coffee. Some faults obviously impact you more than others and it’s unlikely you’re not going to leave your job just because the coffee is bad. So in this article we take a look at the big faults that will ultimately impact your overall job satisfaction and career progression.

The faults we’re talking about are the ones you won’t be able to change single handedly and actually they are so engrained in the company that even if you did try and change them it would take a lifetime to do so.

Poor management

Poor management is one of the main reasons why people don’t progress as much or as quickly as they should. It’s not just the fact that you may not get on with your boss, it’s also things like processes that are in place for appraisals, training and development and nurturing talent.

Done well, all of these things can have a huge impact on your overall progression opportunities and job satisfaction. However, if you’re in a company that doesn’t do these things well then you are probably going to have a battle on your hands to achieve what you want to achieve in your career. Which tends to only leave you with one option… look for new opportunities.

Poor culture

A poor company culture can hugely impact your job satisfaction. When we help candidates find a new job we always discuss the importance of a good fit, as we know how important it is to join a company with a culture that suits you.

Culture is probably the most difficult thing to change in a business, so if you find yourself becoming less and less enthusiastic about going to work then we really do suggest looking at new opportunities and this time make sure you put a lot of emphasis on finding the right company culture for you!

Poor work/life balance

A poor work/life balance can have so many knock-on effects, such as increased stress, reduced job satisfaction, poor health both physically and mentally, so it’s absolutely vital to get this right. Now this is something that you could try addressing before you decide to move on. If you feel like you have a poor work/life balance then try and have a conversation with your manager to see if they can help you find a healthier balance. We have also put together an article that discusses how to build and maintain a healthy work/life balance.

A lot of companies now take work/life balance seriously, so hopefully your concerns will be addressed. However, if you find that your manager is not open to addressing this then we really do suggest that you look at new opportunities. A company that doesn’t take your work/life balance seriously isn’t the right company for you!

Poor progression opportunities

If you are an ambitious person and have found yourself struggling to see how you can progress further within your company, the first thing we suggest you do is speak to your manager. Have a conversation about where you can go and what you want to achieve and see if they can help and support this. If they value you they won’t want to lose you, so they could open up a new role, increase your responsibilities or even give you more of a financial incentive to stay… don’t ask, don’t get!

If you have done this and there just isn’t the opportunity to progress then you really do have to consider looking at new opportunities.

Want to get to work on looking for a new job

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Alternatively you can get in touch with us to discuss your situation in more detail and we can get to work on finding you the right job! 

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