What do you want to see employers offer?

almost 2 years ago by Daniel Stargatt
What do you want to see employers offer?

We thought it would be interesting to see what employees are looking for in terms of working patterns and benefits. With work/life balance being such a huge topic of discussion and a key factor in people’s decision making when looking for a new job, we wanted to see what people actually value when it comes to what employers offer.

CV-Library have kindly shared some key data they collected from a recent survey of 1,200 professionals to help us gain a better understanding. So let’s take a look at what professionals want in terms of benefits and working patterns…

The workplace

When asked about their working hours the 53.6% of professionals would prefer working Flexi-time, choosing to work their hours between 6am and 6pm. Only 25.1% of professionals wanted to stick with the traditional 9-5. These figures clearly show that employees would prefer to have more control of their working week, which we believe is important to help promote a healthier work/life balance and overall job satisfaction.

When asked about dress policy, 66.4% would prefer to work in a company that has a smart/casual dress code. We have recently introduced a more relaxed dress-code into our business, as we feel it’s important that our people feel comfortable and themselves when at work and we have seen a really positive response to this change!

In-terms of size of company people wanted to work for, 40.4% said they would want to work for a business with less than 250 employees, 7.4% said they would prefer to work for a start-up and 19.7% would like to work for a large corporate. There are benefits to working for both a small and large company; what’s right for one person will not be right for the next, so it is important to choose a company that is the right size for you.


When asked about benefits they would like to receive, 60% said paid sick leave, 56.6% said the ability to work from home and 41.1% said health insurance. 40% said they would be happy with 25 days holiday, while 30% would want to stretch it to 30 days.

On top of this 26.4% wanted staff discounts, 23.2% a company car and 19.6% income protection. When asked what pension contribution they’d like their employer to pay, 28.5% said 10% and 26.9% said 5%.

When looking at opportunities it’s absolutely key to work out what’s a deal breaker and what you’re willing to compromise when it comes to the employee benefits on offer. So our advice is to do your research when searching for your next role, to be sure that it suits you.

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