3 key points to get across during your interview

over 1 year ago by Daniel Stargatt
3 key points to get across during your interview

We have written quite a few articles on interviewing, such as Three body language errors to avoid in an interview and Tips on how to overcome interview anxiety. In this article we wanted to discuss the three key things you should always get across to the interviewer, that will help make a good impression and prove you are the right person for the job.

The best way to ensure you cover these three key areas during the interview is to prepare, and take your notes in with you to help keep you focussed on what you want to communicate. Honestly, it’s not weird to go into the interview with your notes and questions, it just shows you are taking this opportunity seriously and that you have spent time preparing.

Here are the three key points that you should get across in your interview…

Related skills and training

Being able to demonstrate skills and training that relate to the job that you are interviewing for is a great way of proving that you have the knowledge and experience to actually do the job. The best way of showing this is by giving examples of work or training you have done that relates to the role you are interviewing for, not just by saying yes I can do that to the interviewer.

So what we suggest you do before your interview is to print off the job specification and write down examples next to each of the duties, responsibilities and skills. This will help you to pinpoint an actual example to discuss in the interview, which will help you to demonstrate to the interviewer that you really do have the necessary skills and training to do the job.

Again, take your notes with you so you can refer back to them ensuring you don’t miss any opportunity to sell yourself.

Examples of quantifiable success

We recently wrote an article about how numbers are key on a CV, and it’s no different for an interview. You are probably going to be one of a few candidates interviewing for the same role, so you need to make an impact and stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to do this is to show that you have been successful in your current and previous roles. The best way of showing success is to offer the interviewer examples with metrics associated with them.

Metrics such as money, time, size and percentages are some of the most valuable information you can offer, so make sure you don’t undersell yourself by leaving these out of the conversation.

Company knowledge

A standard question in any interview is “what do you know about the company?” I don’t think anyone has left an interview not being asked this, so you should be prepared for this question. But don’t think it’s just a generic question that the interviewer has to ask, it is a question that can reveal a lot about the candidate. A candidate who can’t answer this question in detail will likely be looked at as someone who isn’t taking the application seriously and isn’t as keen on the role or company as the interviewer would hope.

So, do your research, find out the key information on the company you are interviewing for and even try and relate the information back to your future ambitions or desire to work for this type of company to show why this role and the company is a great fit.

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