Why are numbers so important on your CV?

over 1 year ago by Daniel Stargatt
Why are numbers so important on a CV

We have written many articles that discuss how to create a great CV, from offering the perfect structure to highlighting key mistakes to avoid. As we’re sure you know your CV is a key tool in any job search, so in this article we wanted to discuss one of the most powerful elements of a CV… numbers!

The majority of any CV is formed up of words, but we can’t stress enough why numbers should also play a huge part. Metrics such as money, time, size and percentages are some of the most valuable information, so make sure you don’t undersell yourself by leaving these off your CV.

We’re not going to focus on the types of numbers to include in this article, what we’re going to discuss is why figures are so important and how they will benefit your application…

Quantifiable success

Associating real numbers with your achievements helps to add context to your successes, and depending on what you include can add weight to your application. Employers want to hire people who are good at what they do, and can demonstrate how they have positively impacted their current employer.

Brings your story to life

Essentially your CV is a bit like a professional autobiography, it tells the reader everything that has happened in your professional life including your education. So by associating numbers with your accomplishments you are helping the reader gain a better understanding of you and adding more bite to your story. Essentially you’ve turned your CV into a thrilling read... sort of!

Conversation starter

So, you’ve applied for the role and guess what, you’ve got an interview! Now it’s time to sell yourself face to face. By including numbers in your CV you’ve not only helped secure the interview, but you have a lot of proven success to talk about during the interview and the interviewer has something tangible to ask you about. Result!

Immediate impact for the reader

When searching for jobs you want to stand out from the crowd as much as possible and you also want to get the reader’s attention. By adding numbers to your achievements that’s exactly what you are doing!

Shows your commercial mindset

Being commercially aware is one of the key attributes cited by many employers as being essential to employability, especially for senior roles. This can include things such as the economic climate, efficiency, customer satisfaction and profit/loss. Adding numbers to accomplishments is one of the best ways to demonstrate you are commercially aware.

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