Why a good relationship with a recruiter is important when job searching

over 1 year ago by Daniel Stargatt
Why a good relationship with a recruiter is important when job searching

Building a relationship with a recruitment consultant should always be top priority for any candidate searching for a new job. In this article we offer reasons why we believe that a good relationship with a recruitment consultant can genuinely boost your job search. 

Access to opportunities that aren’t advertised

Recruiters have longstanding relationships with employers and the ability to open doors with companies that aren’t actively recruiting. Often hiring managers will ask recruiters to update them on candidates when they become available, meaning the opportunity wouldn’t be on a job board or even the company website. So guess what…. you would be going forward for jobs with little to no competition!

Another great benefit for you, is you won’t be forced to only apply for jobs that are on job boards, that maybe aren’t quite the right fit for you. A recruiter will be able to gain a clear understanding of what you want and speak to clients they feel would meet your wants and needs even if they aren’t actively recruiting.

You will get the best offer possible

Rest assured a recruiter will always make sure that you get the best offer possible! But remember, you have to be realistic on what you are worth. It’s absolutely key to have an open and honest conversation with the recruitment consultant you are working with, so they know exactly what you want and need in-terms of salary and package. The recruiter will also offer good insight into what the going rates are, so you are paid what you are worth.

Constant support

Probably the most valuable benefit for any candidate when job searching is the constant support a recruiter can offer. It’s always nice to have someone fighting your corner and that’s exactly what a recruiter will do. A tip… when preparing for an interview make sure you take advantage of the recruiter’s knowledge on the company and interviewer…. It can make all the difference!


Last but definitely not least, getting feedback is key to any successful job search. Whether that’s feedback on interviews or feedback on how realistic your salary expectations are. Having an honest and open relationship with a recruiter will only help you on your journey to find a new job.

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