Daily Commute: Things to consider when looking at a new role

over 1 year ago by Daniel Stargatt
Daily Commute- Things to consider when looking at a new role

When looking for a new job, a key thing to consider is how far you will need to travel to get to work every day. Over the past 5 years we have seen an increase in people wanting to create a healthier work/life balance and the commute can often be one of the main factors that can actually put great stress on this particular balance.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new job that offers more responsibility, more money and a new challenge. However, these main drivers for wanting the job can easily be forgotten about or tarnished if your commute becomes a chore every day. So we always suggest you consider how the commute will impact your work/life balance and the financial factors involved with a longer commute before you make your final decision. 

So in this article we are going to look at the key factors when considering your daily commute…


We appreciate that a lot of companies offer a travel allowance to help with the cost of commuting to work and yes this can make a significant difference. But it will obviously be less of a benefit the further you have to travel. Did you know that the average employee in the UK spends £146 per month on their commute to work, which may sound like a small amount in the grand scheme of things but add this figure up and it can amount to around £135,000 over the course of your working career… wow!

This figure can also be very different depending on the mode of transport you are taking, the distance you are traveling and more importantly where you are commuting to in the UK. For example, people commuting in and out of London will pay almost double the amount per mile that the average commuter in the UK… however, you need to weigh that up against the average salary offered in London, which is generally higher, so you could argue that it is all relative.


Commuters in the UK spend an average of 56 minutes travelling to work each day, with research indicating that this has increased over the past few years. So with this in mind it’s important to consider time as your working day essentially becomes two hours longer every day.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t accept a role with a long commute, as for some it’s not a choice. All we’re saying is keep it in mind when you are making your final decision on a new job or thinking about your current role. A lengthy commute can often wear thin after a while and in time can impact your overall job satisfaction and wellbeing.

One way of helping with the stress of a longer commute is to ask your manager if there is an option to work a day from home. It’s absolutely worth asking, the worst they can say is no and at least you know where they stand on the matter.

Health and wellbeing

Research indicates that commuting can reduce mental wellbeing, negatively impacting physical health such as raising blood pressure. It can also reduce the time available for health promoting activities and social activities. Add this all up and it can hugely impact your overall wellbeing, which often effects your overall job satisfaction and quality of work you are producing.

The above are obviously all the worst case scenarios and all of this comes down to how far you’re commuting, what mode of transport you are using and actually down to you as an individual. Some people like their train journey into work as it gives them to time to read or stream a show. The main point of this article is to make sure you have considered the above factors, so you don’t accept a job and then after three months decide that actually the commute is too much and you’re back looking for a new opportunity.

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