Our Data Centre division travel to Dublin

8 months ago by Daniel Stargatt

At Project Resource we put a lot of time and effort into making sure we know our customers, be it a manager looking for new talent to join their business or a candidate looking for a new opportunity. Getting to know our customers in depth helps us to truly understand motivations, requirements and needs leading to an all-round more enjoyable recruitment experience and ultimately the right result at the end of the recruitment process.  

With this in mind we wanted to share some exciting news that not only shows how committed we are to building strong and lasting relationships, but also shows the effort we put into getting to know our customers. 

Last week, Dan Risby and Joe Raymond from our Data Centre division travelled to Dublin to meet four key clients. As a business this was the first overseas business meeting. This is testament to the incredible work that they are doing, along with Heather Hall within this sector. Over the past year they have seen a rapid increase in demand, not only for candidates across the UK but also across Europe. This is down to their incredible knowledge and expertise in finding great talent within this exciting sector, and the incomparable service they provide both clients and candidates. 

We are proud of the work Dan, Joe, and Heather have done to date and have absolutely no doubt, that based on the success of the meetings in Dublin, the next 12 months is going to be very exciting and busy. With already multiple opportunities across the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Ireland and a number of other European countries, our Data Centre division really is the go-to team when looking for talent or new opportunities across the Data Centre sector. 

Dan Risby commented: “Our trip to Dublin was an extremely positive experience all round. It was an opportunity to strengthen existing key relationships as well as build on new relationships we have forged this year with leading players in the DC sector in Europe.

Most importantly the visit allowed Joe and I to discuss with our clients, in detail, their existing DC projects as well as secured DC work for 2019/2020. Having this detailed knowledge of upcoming DC projects across Europe will allow my team to be ready to best resource our clients’ project needs. This also gives our candidates first refusal to be involved in Europe’s biggest and most exciting Data Centre construction projects.

We are already looking forward to returning to Ireland soon to meet with yet more DC clients as well as a planned trip to mainland Europe.

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