Why working with one recruiter is far more beneficial for hiring managers

8 months ago by Daniel Stargatt
Why working with one recruiter is far more beneficial for hiring managers copy copy

When it comes to recruitment the most important thing for any hiring manager is quality. A quality service, quality candidates and a quality result. Yes sounds obvious!

In any industry competition is important, it helps keep companies on their toes when it comes to the service they are selling and helps to keep prices competitive. However when it comes to the hiring process, competition can often lead to a poor end result for a business... wasting time and money.  

In this article we wanted to discuss why creating competition when hiring can cause problems and how it can heavily impact the overall quality of the hiring process.

It becomes about speed

We recently wrote an article about the importance of speed when hiring. However, in this scenario creating an environment where multiple recruitment agencies are competing to find a candidate for your role, the focus is more about how quickly they can do it rather than spending more time to find the perfect candidate for you.

Now don’t get me wrong great talent can be found this way, but it really can impact the overall quality of your experience working with a recruitment agency. It inevitable leads to you having to look through more CVs as candidates may not be exactly what you’re looking for.

Less attention to detail

When it comes to recruitment the most important element is getting to know you, your business and the role in detail. If we can get a full understanding of these three factors, we have a much better chance of finding the perfect candidate far more efficiently. Being able to dig into the detail allows us to meet candidates who meet all of your needs of the role and the right personality that complements your business and team culture.

So, creating more competition means agencies focussing less on the important details and ultimately introducing you to candidates that might not be quite right for your business.

Time wasting

It’s quite simple, the more agencies you work with on a role the more conversations you have to have. This essentially means less time to focus on your actual job, and as they say time is money. There is another time wasting aspect to working with multiple agencies which we will explain in more detail in the next point.

Multiple points of contact

Over the 15 plus years of recruiting within the construction industry we see so many occassions where the same candidate has been introduced to a hiring manager for the same role. This can be hugely frustrating especially if the candidate is not the right fit as you have to explain this multiple times to multiple recruiters. Based on the first two points in this article it’s no surprise that you might receive candidates that don’t quite meet your needs.

So not only are you wasting time having the same conversations, your experience with the agency is also being negatively impacted… not great!


In summary, hopefully you agree that focussing more on working with recruitment agencies on a more exclusive basis will only benefit you and your business. Recruitment is all about relationships, the more we know about you, your business and your roles the more efficient and effective we can be when finding talent to hire.

Like in any good relationship, it takes both parties to fully commit to ensure the end result is quality and the best way to show a recruitment agency you’re fully committed is by offering exclusivity to get on and do what we do best… recruit!

We also asked John Bakewell, Business Managers based in our Solihull office why exclusivity is key for hiring managers. John has over has over 15 years recruitment experience, building many lasting relationships with both candidates and employers. This is what he had to say: “The thought of working exclusively to some employers can often seem like it will reduce their options by essentially putting all their eggs in one basket. However, in my experience it will only save you time, money and hassle as the level of commitment and accountability you will get from a recruiter you work exclusively with, will almost guarantee you get the right end result.”

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