Why working with one recruitment agency will benefit your job search

about 1 year ago by Daniel Stargatt
Why working with one recruitment agency will benefit your job search

When it comes to job searching the most important thing for any candidate is finding the right job. A job that excites you, a job that you can be proud of and a job that offers you the opportunity to develop and progress. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? 

In any industry competition is important as it helps keep companies on their toes when it comes to the service they offer you. However when it comes to finding you the right job, competition can often lead to a poor end result... wasting time and causing you unnecessary stress.  

In this article we discuss why creating competition when searching for a job can cause problems and how it can heavily impact the overall quality of your experience and the end result.

Less time to build an important relationship

Relationships are key in any industry, but in recruitment a strong relationship is the difference between finding you the perfect job and finding you a job that doesn’t quite get you what you want. By working with multiple recruitment agencies you are creating competition that can often harm your job search, as they are more interested in beating their competitor than finding you the right opportunity.

By working with a single agency you are offering a chance to develop a strong relationship, which will allow us to get to know not just what job you want, but what type of culture, working environment and business you would prefer to join. These are all key to ensuring the final result is perfect for you!

So the next time you are looking for a new opportunity and a recruitment consultant asks you “can you give me a couple of weeks to work with you exclusively?”, remember the importance of a relationship and give them the opportunity to get you what you want!

Less buy in to your career and aspirations

Following on from the first point, by working with multiple agencies many people will be working hard to find you a great opportunity. However, you have to consider that by not committing to a single agency, the recruiter is likely to be a lot more cautious about going above and beyond as their time and effort may be for nothing.

Now this obviously happens all the time and candidates get a new opportunity, but you do need to ask yourself before you start your job search “how can I make sure I am getting the very best service?”

Time wasting

Simply, by working with multiple agencies you are opening yourself up for a lot of calls and conversations. This can be very time consuming. Build a relationship with one agency and you won’t need to worry about receiving calls about jobs that aren’t right for you.

You’re not maximising the opportunity to secure your perfect job

Ironically, by working with multiple agencies you aren’t actually giving yourself more opportunity to find a job. You may think you have fingers in many pies, but you don’t have the recruitment agencies’ full attention and buy in as you are not fully bought into them. A good suggestion before you start your job search is to call a few agencies up and get a feel for if you think you would like to work with them and take it from there.

We wrote an article discussing the benefits of working with a recruitment agency when finding a new job, and by working with an agency exclusively you are only strengthening these benefits, as you will get full buy-in and support from the consultant you have built a relationship with.

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