What are the benefits of offering your employees flexible working?

7 months ago by Daniel Stargatt
What are the benefits of offering your employees flexible working

Flexible working is not a new concept but it’s definitely a style of working that is becoming more and more desirable. The idea of flexible working can often make employers uncomfortable, everyone on a different working pattern and coming and going as they please…. how on earth will any work get done?!?

Well, that’s not quite how it works. The key to ensuring this style of working is successful within your business is to trust your employees, set out simple guidelines and focus on achieving goals and deadlines rather than how long people are in the office. We implemented this style of working within in our business over a year ago and it’s genuinely made a huge difference to the wellbeing, motivation and engagement of our people!

Yes flexible working could be a big culture shift for your business but it’s a style of working that we are seeing a lot more candidates asking for as we help them to find new opportunities in construction. This isn’t just about hours, it’s also about being offered the opportunity to work the odd day from home.

But don’t fear, there are actually an awful lot of benefits to offering flexible working and in this article we point out the biggest benefits to your business…

Makes you a more attractive proposition for new staff

As discussed above, over the last year we have spoken to more and more candidates that are asking for a more flexible approach to working. This is often to help childcare arrangements, but for others it’s to help with keeping control of their working week to allow them to strike a healthy work/life balance. 

So by offering this flexible approach to working will help make you a more attractive proposition for the top talent looking for new opportunities, helping to secure the best people for your business.

Increases employee wellbeing

Allowing your people the ability to take control of their working week will have a huge benefit to both their mental wellbeing. By allowing employees to move their hours around to help with personal commitments, like picking their children up from school, or working the odd day from home to help reduce their weekly commute will have a huge positive impact.

This will have a direct impact into their ability to perform to a higher standard consistently, as they feel they want to give more because they appreciate being trusted by their employer, plus the stress of trying to juggle their work and personal life is hugely reduced due to the flexibility they have with their job.

Helps retain employees

One of the biggest reasons why employees leave businesses is a lack of job satisfaction. Well, offering a flexible approach to working will hugely help with increasing job satisfaction, as employees will feel far more engaged with an employer who promotes a culture that puts their people first.

If an employee enjoys their work and feel they have control over their working week, allowing them to maintain a healthy work/life balance, why would they want to leave? And as you know it’s far more cost effective to retain talent than to hire talent.


We hope you agree that there are an awful lot of benefits to offering flexible working, but we fully appreciate that it’s not straight forward. It would be difficult for a large organisation to just flick the switch and everything will fall into place. There would have to be a workforce strategy in place that will offer support and guidelines to help implement this cultural shift.

However, you shouldn’t think wow this is a big piece of work and just turn a blind eye to it. As we discussed in the beginning of this article we are experiencing more and more candidates looking for more flexibility, so to stay competitive when hiring, offering flexibility will be key.

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