Top questions candidates ask about the company

6 months ago by Daniel Stargatt
Top questions candidates ask about a company

As you know a huge part of recruitment is speaking with candidates, discussing new opportunities with them and helping match them with roles and companies that meet their requirements. Requirements such as salary, location, cultural fit and many more requirements that are unique to each candidate we speak to.

Our aim is to make sure that the company is completely happy with the candidate they are hiring and that the candidate is completely happy with the role that they are accepting. So we have to make sure that all bases are covered when it comes to getting to know the exact needs of both parties, to ensure it’s the right fit and successful.

We have been recruiting for over 15 years and during this time we come across a number of very common questions asked by candidates when speaking to them about specific roles and specific companies. So we thought we would share these with you to help you get an idea of what information you need to share, communicate and make more accessible when trying to hire for your business.

So let’s take a look at which questions are the most common…

  • Why has the role become available?
  • How financially secure is the company?
  • Does the company have a solid pipeline of work?
  • How strong are their relationships with clients and supply chain?
  • What’s the company’s attitude towards flexible working?
  • What’s the split working in the office and on-site?
  • Do they offer good career progression opportunities?

Now, we’re not going to discuss how you should answer these as each answer to the above questions would of course be unique to your business. However, the most interesting thing to note down is that candidates over the past few years, and certainly the past 12 to 18 months have been far more focussed on the stability and longevity of the business.

We have also noticed that the softer areas of the role are becoming increasingly more important, such as attitudes towards flexible hours and working from home. We recently wrote an article about the benefits of offering your employees flexible working, which is absolutely worth a read if you are interested in finding out more.

Overall, the point of this article is to just highlight areas where you could offer more information when it comes to posting your jobs online, or when partnering with a recruitment agency to help you recruit or even information to share during the interview. Being able to answer these questions will only help you in your quest to hiring talent into your business.

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